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Memecoins May Serve Only the Founders, But Uwerx Serves Everyone Involved

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Memecoins, crypto assets inspired by memes, are well-known for gaining popularity and high transactions. Due to incredible volume and increments, many investors immediately engulf money to become rich overnight. However, analysts pointed out the questionable utility or value of serving the founders.

Everyone wants to multiply the investment using a potential or hyped crypto more safely. That’s where overhyped meme coins aren’t the best choices for a considerable investment. Instead, laying the money on promising and high-potential Uwerx should return satisfying profits.

Meme Coins: Pumping and Dumping Policy of Founders

The exaggerated upturn of toad-memed PEPE once again concerned the market analysts, forcing them to speak about the potential risks. Well-reputed analyst Benjamin Cowen directly termed these meme-inspired coins garbage by claiming a ‘strong community’ concept, focusing on the founders.

A gang creates a meme-coin to pump up the price and eventually dump the assets when they’re no longer profitable. They also lack considerable technical advancements, increasing the chances of scams. Binance also warned prospective investors as these assets haven’t any value support mechanism.

Questionable legality or authenticity may wind up curious/excited investors underwater in no time. Investors, especially beginners, must proceed with due diligence and caution. Despite the growth and popularity of meme-coins, investing in high-potential yet secure crypto like WERX is better.

Uwerx (WERX): Serving the Entire Community with Built-In Utility

Businesses are becoming more comfortable with remote workers, significantly increasing the demand for remote freelancers. A survey says 20% of companies decided to increase freelancing dependence, whereas an additional 60% kept consistent dependence.

Hired freelancers can play a vital role in addressing the global tech talent gap, as developed countries require millions of tech talents. But traditional freelancing platforms are yet to provide viable solutions to problems like high fees, asset protection, and tiresome monotonicity.

Uwerx resolves all these setbacks with advanced, beneficial, and contemporary features. It collaborates with cryptocurrency and freelance to serve investors and freelancers simultaneously. And Uwerx’s native token, WERX, created a buzz among the communities with promising potential.

The token will keep all the intellectual properties and freelancing money protected within the platform. InterFi Network and SolidProof conducted a successful audit to ensure security and performance. And you can utilize the introduced vault to lock and store the tokens.

WERX presales are running at their fourth stage, exploding in investor demands and mainstream attention. One token will cost a mere $0.0315 with a 20% bonus on each purchase for new clients. And you can get yourself on a gold mine about to boom as the predicted value can reach up to $0.30 by Q3 of 2023.

Uwerx values its community, well-proved by recent decisions on Test Airdrop and Team Lock Tokens. Twitter polls had 98.2% and 82.8% of voters on Airdrop and immediate Team Lock. The process of Airdrop is underway, and an announcement will occur on locking up the tokens.

A balanced approach, utility, and feature gained recognition from analysts, freelancers, and investors. No wonder why Uwerx reached the milestone of 5000+ successful signups following the presales. The Telegram community also gained over 1000 members with considerable Twitter followings.

Uwerx is Ready to Introduce a Freelancing-Focused Crypto Platform.

CoinSniper listed WERX, whereas Uniswap will make a move by August 01, 2023. Once Uwerx launches on centralized exchanges, you can expect the much-awaited contract ownership renouncement. It’ll let investors trade transparently without worrying about taxes and financial regulations.

High demand and sales made the team decide to change the five token allocations:

  • Presale: An increase to 57% from 45% to renew confidence.
  • Founding Team: A reduction to 7% from 8% to prioritize user benefits.
  • Partnership incentives: A reduction to 3% from 7.5% after reviewing new information.
  • User performance incentives: A decrease to 6.5% from 15%.
  • Joining incentives: An increase to 6.5% from 4.5% to attract more users.

More updates will take place as the presales come closer to their end, depending on the client’s demands. Meme-coins like PEPE may deliver excellent growth for now, but keeping the investment is also crucial. And WERX promises top-tier security and support for its community, meeting everyone’s satisfaction.

So, it’s time for you to join the presales without delay. Use the following links –






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