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Here Are Three Of The Best Meme Coins On The Market In 2023: Big Eyes Coin, Dogecoin And SafeMoon

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is dominating the crypto market at the moment, with a presale that cannot be matched, along with the announcement of a crypto casino that will be launching by the end of the summer. Can they compete with established crypto meme coins such as Dogecoin (DOGE) and SafeMoon (SAFEMOON)? 

SafeMoon Is Amongst The Stars Of Crypto

Digital currencies and virtual assets have taken the internet by storm in modern day society. A lot of people are turning to crypto as currency becomes more digital than physical. SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency and decentralized blockchain space that is well known for the fact that it gives a lot of rewards back to the people. 50% of tokens that are taken from transaction fees that occur on the SafeMoon platform are then redistributed back to token holders. This also means that the price of SafeMoon stays relatively consistent, however, this doesn’t mean that this cryptocurrency, like many others, does not fall victim to the volatility of the crypto market. 

Binance (BUSD) played a huge role in the start-up of SafeMoon. Originally the token launched on the Binance blockchain, later the SafeMoon team developed its own blockchain. In the past year, SafeMoon has gained a lot of traction on social media with celebrities such as Jake Paul mentioning the coin on his YouTube Channel with over 20 million people subscribed. 

Dogecoin: This Is What Memes Are Made Of 

If you have even a small seed of knowledge about cryptocurrency you will know that meme coins started with Dogecoin. He went from a meme to a crypto dream, it started with a funny picture of a Shiba Inu breed dog making funny faces to the camera, who knew it would spark a whole movement. The familiarity and relatability of the meme is what made it take off when it first launched in 2009, the meme coin soon followed in 2013. And since then it has been almost a decade since Dogecoin has been running the meme coin market. 

Many celebrities have publicly endorsed the coin, including Californian rapper Snoop Dogg and Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk. In fact, Elon’s antics have had a great (or not so great, depending on perspective) impact on the tokens economy recently. When Elon Musk made the Dogecoin logo the official Twitter Icon for a day, this caused a 6% surge in the price. And currently, Dogecoin is sat at number eight in the coin market capitalization, as it has earned its rightful place in the crypto world. 

Big Meme, Big Dream, Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin has always expressed how significant community spirit is, it is the very foundation of why Big Eyes Coin has launched, among other things. For example, working hard to safeguard the oceans from horrible pollution and excessive fishing. That’s not just because of the endless supply of cat food that the oceans supply, but also because of the issues that the ocean pollution is causing to the climate. 

Big Eyes Coin wishes to inspire and persuade anyone thinking about investing in the BIG ecosystem by giving compelling deals and putting good causes at the center of the movement. The power of meme coins is critical to the development of the digital currency market. Meme coins are so popular these days because of their capacity to generate internet buzz while also being considered seriously as a marketable commodity. 

On August 29, 2023, Big Eyes Coin will introduce its very own cryptocurrency casino. But avid gamblers and crypto devotees throughout the world are eagerly anticipating the big launch. The Big Eyes Coin Casino’s structure is still being finalized, but for now, this is all the knowledge we currently have. There will reportedly be more than 4,000 casino games on the site, including a number of play-to-earn games, giving players lots of chances to win more BIG, the network’s preferred currency.

Learn All About Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Here:







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