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InQubeta Presale Sparks Excitement Among Investors, Outpacing The Graph and Klaytn

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InQubeta (QUBE) Presale Sparks Excitement Among Investors, Outpacing The Graph (GRT) and Klaytn (KLAY)
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InQubeta’s (QUBE) presale is sparking excitement among cryptocurrency investors looking for the top altcoin to buy, outpacing the growth of Klaytn (KLAY) and The Graph (GRT). Presales are always a thrilling time for investors looking to purchase promising cryptos at reduced prices.  InQubeta’s platform solves a real-world problem – investors not having access to traditional investment firms due to entry barriers. 

Artificial Intelligence is poised to become the next big technological breakthrough as AI-powered devices and services become increasingly common. InQubeta helps to push the growth of AI by providing a secure platform where startups can raise capital while removing the barriers that keep potential investors from investing. 

InQubeta presale sparks interest among seasoned cryptocurrency investors

Technological breakthroughs are something to behold in real time. The internet appeared in the late 90s and completely changed how the world worked. It has changed many industries over the years with winners and losers emerging. There was simply no way to predict it would lead to networks like social media or the world’s biggest retailer – Amazon – not having any storefronts. Even cryptocurrencies have the internet to thank for the increasing popularity they have enjoyed in recent years. None of it would be possible without the internet’s infrastructure. 

Many technology experts predict artificial intelligence (AI) will be the next major technological revolution, and the signs are already evident. Self-driving cars are no longer a fictional concept as companies like Tesla® already produce vehicles with some self-driving capabilities. AI-powered software now helps doctors to diagnose patients more accurately by comparing their symptoms with large volumes of data, while self-learning robots like Roomba® help to keep homes clean. 

InQubeta (QUBE) is helping the growth of AI by giving startups a new way to raise funds while making it easier for investors to purchase equity in promising companies. Startups develop non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on InQubeta’s platform and list them on its marketplace. Investors browse companies on the marketplace and read about their projects. They get to choose which firms they want to invest in and purchase equity in them using $QUBE tokens. These are the blockchain’s native currency. 

$QUBE tokens are deflationary by design to help promote price growth. A 2% tax is automatically applied to all marketplace transactions. Proceeds generated are sent to a burn wallet, reducing the supply of tokens. A 5% tax is placed on all $QUBE transactions to fund a dedicated pool that rewards holders who stake their coins and help manage the blockchain. 

$QUBE tokens also give access to InQubeta’s governance system. The strength of each investor’s vote is proportional to their holdings. 

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The Graph (GRT) fails to meet expectations

The Graph uses an indexing protocol to run data queries on networks like Ethereum’s (ETH) blockchain. It powers many applications used in the Web3 ecosystem and decentralized finance (DeFi). The platform is also used by developers to build and publish application programming interfaces (APIs) other applications can use to retrieve blockchain data. 

GRT prices have failed to grow significantly despite the solutions it provides. The InQubeta presale generating so much attention hasn’t helped its growth. 

Klaytn (KLAY) prices remain flat

Klaytn prices have been stable since the 2022 crash, but investors need them to trend upward to make profits or recoup some of their losses. The expected growth has failed to materialize, leading to impatient investors exploring other options. 

Klaytn provides a blockchain platform that’s centered around the creator economy, GameFi, and the metaverse. It’s become the most popular blockchain in South Korea after being launched in 2019. 


InQubeta’s presale seems to be pulling investors away from other altcoins, leading to their prices remaining stagnant. InQubeta’s platform making it easier for cryptocurrency investors to be part of the growth of artificial intelligence appears to be a winning strategy. 

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