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Sebastien Borget: the Mastermind Behind the Creation of Sandbox


Sandbox is a digital world where players can own land, play games, and hold digital assets. They can monetize their experience using NFTs and SAND. They are the main utility tokens. 

The Sandbox is a virtual gaming world built on Blockchain technology. It permits the players to buy, sell, and create digital assets. It lets you create your own avatar, build the virtual world and interact with other users.

Sebastian Borget sees the day-to-day operations, ensuring efficiency and making collaboration among teams.

Sebastein is multilingual, speaking French, English, German, Spanish, and Chinese. He promotes the use of blockchain technology for gaming, NFTs for in-game items and smart contracts for the in-game economy. He speaks at events and conferences around NFTs, blockchain gaming and virtual worlds.

Sebastien Borget’s Intention Behind Creating Sandbox

Sebastien has made Sandbox accessible to everyone by offering services like hosting weddings in the metaverse, to increasing its four million plus active users through content educational platforms, and more.

He is the President of Blockchain Game Alliance, an organization that promotes blockchain within the game industry. It is a non profit organization of 250 key members.

Borget said on creating Sandbox, it aims at starting a new digital journey and economy where one can lead a digital life, producing digital content and use it anywhere as per one’s need.

Emphasizing on the Sandbox, Sebastien says anyone can make 3D content, own them and monetize them. It offers a piece of digital real estate called “LAND” in a finite map where you can become the virtual neighbor of your favorite brand, music artist or the web3 community.

Sebastien’s Education and Work Experience

Sebastien holds a degree in computer science engineering from Telecom Sudparis,  is one of France’s leading graduate schools of engineering in information and communication technology.

In a gist, he has 14 years of experience in growing startups, 9 years in mobile gaming, and 3 years in blockchain technology. Sebastien manages the operation of Pixowls 25 people international team. 

His work was awarded for the two consecutive years of the Sandbox in Apple App Store Best Games of 2012 and 2013. Prior to co–founding the Sandbox, he worked as the Chief Operations Officer at Wixi from 2007 to 2011. 

Borget is the producer of games like Addams family mystery mansion, Goosebumps, Peanuts Snoopy town sale, Garfield: Survival of the Fattest, The Sandbox, and the Safari Party.

The Creation of Sandbox, its Functionality and Usage

The first version of the Sandbox was launched in 2012 and its sequel was launched in 2016. In 2012, Sandbox had Pac-Man, Shrek, Ghostbusters etc. The idea of a new Sandbox on Ethereum blockchain originated in 2017. They started working with the new version in 3D with a multiplayer function and multi platform. It is using the blockchain technology from the ground up with NFTs to enable users to own and monetize game items they create or earn through playing.

The basic concept is buying a LAND which is a digital piece of real estate in the Sandbox metaverse where players can buy to build experience on top. Once LAND is owned, which is limited, one can create games and assets in it. The recent version is still underdeveloped, and so has not been launched publicly. But, most of the tools that make the Sandbox platform where artists are enabled to make their own NFTs and edit it for free are already available in BETA.


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