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Investments That Make Kevin O Leary a Big and Shrewd Crypto Whale 


Also known as “Mr. Wonderful”, Kevin O Leary is an iconic crypto investor. He is an inspiration for all who see digital assets as means to earn massive returns. With an overarching approach, Leary formed a perfect poise of diversification in his portfolio. He has put his money into major cryptos, startups, and many other projects that have a strong chance of generating profits in the future.

Studying Leary’s Approach to Investment 

In a number of interviews, Leary discussed his methodology for picking cryptos. While he owns a big amount of leading cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, he has also put his money into new projects. Right off the bat, he has been a big advocate of diversification like all the other wise investors. 

But when it comes to picking new ventures, he puts all his knowledge and insights to work. He says that he analyzes every single project of crypto and weighs its prospects closely. According to him, years of experience have given him the expertise to predict possibilities of the new projects.

He also pays attention to the team of the project and studies their work history. In one of his interviews, he used the term “cupcake companies” in reference to new firms he chooses to invest his money in. These particular ventures focus on particular niches and drive sales using an assorted set of strategies.  

Notable Investments by Leary 


The most valuable crypto is Leary’s obvious recommendation. He also noted the recent price surge in BTC due to a number of reasons. He predicts that its value is going to rise further and will make digital assets more adaptable for the world.


The second-most precious and the most scalable cryptocurrency is definitely a part of Leary’s portfolio. The latest uptick in crypto’s price hasn’t left this ecosystem unaffected. With so many divisions and forthcoming projects, it remains a promising investment for everyone.


Soon after the launch, Solana metastasized its community. It boasts of more than 11.5M active accounts, over 21.9M NFTs, and $0.00025 average cost/transaction. It has a strong potential of eking out massive returns.


This open-source public ledger aims to empower the Web3 ecosystem. The project has roped in a large number of organizations, educational institutes, and Web3 ventures. Its codebase and standards have gained traction among developers too. With high prospects of success, it is a profitable investment option as well. 


Focusing on consensus networks, this open-source protocol brings so many possibilities to the fore. It gained huge popularity shortly after its launch and became investors’ favorite too. It has emerged as the go-to solution for dApp developers. The project has tied up with many other projects. 


The cryptos that Kevin O’Leary picks become popular among the whole crypto community. With in-depth insights and foresight, Leary makes the best choices that enrich his portfolio. He is one shrewd investor that every crypto user follows. By following his footsteps, digital asset users can achieve some big milestones too. With his recommended coins, it is possible for any investor to gain unexpected gains easily. 


The contents of this page are intended for general informational purposes and do not constitute financial, investment, or any other form of advice. Investing in or trading crypto assets carries the risk of financial loss. The forecasted data (also called “price prediction”) on this page are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed to be accurate.

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Andrew Smith
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