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Top 5 Canadian Bluechip Stocks Likely to Yield Huge Profits


Bluechip stocks are always a prized possession for investors. These are shares of top companies in their domains that have a satisfactory market performance. These are firms that maintain a high market capitalization and dole out perks to investors as well. 

Every country has its own list of blue chip stocks. They get even more promising when they belong to a developed nation with better GDP and other development measures. 

Canada is one of the countries where people seek employment, educational, and entrepreneurial opportunities. It is a hub of multinational companies operating in different industries. Furthermore, the major companies here are listed in many international exchanges. They give a chance to investors across the globe to make steady profits. 

Canadian Bluechip Stocks That Are Profitable For Investors

These stocks have performed really well in the past years. They have eked out plenty of profits for their holders.  

Enbridge Inc.

It’s a midstream oil company maintaining the world’s largest crude oil transportation pipeline. Based in Calgary, it supplies more than 3 Million barrels per day. It is accountable for delivering more than 30% of the oil produced in North America. With a dividend yield of 6.85%, it becomes a high-paying stock for investors. 

Royal Bank of Canada

With 1210 active branches and 17 Million clients, it is one of the largest banks in Canada. It is spread across 29 countries, the bank stood firm even during the great recession. Despite the economic downturn, it continued to distribute dividends to its shareholders. RBC has a dividend yield of 4.53% and its one of the most reliable banking institutions. 

Canadian National Railway

It is the largest railway network in Canada with over 33,000 km of tracks. With 6 Million carloads delivered every year, it generates $14 Billion annually. Moreover, its share price soared by almost 400% in the last 10 years. It has raised dividends and distributed quite satisfactorily among its investors. It has become one of the most profit-generating stocks in the country. 

BCE Inc.

BCE is a major wireless and internet service provider in the country. It serves 10 Million clients with a cutting-edge 5G network. While catering to 70% of Canada’s population, it makes the services quite trustworthy. Founded 142 years ago, it’s a reliable brand for every Canadian. Lately, it raised its dividend by 5% and maintained a yield of 6.79%. 


Fortis serves 3.4 Million customers with far-reaching electricity and gas solutions. It delivers the same with transmission lines that span 16,000 miles. For 48 years, it has been raising its dividends. Furthermore, the company aims to increase it by 6% every year. It emerges as a fruitful investment option. 


Canadian blue chip stocks could turn out to be a money-spinner for investors. These companies manage to gain profits every quarter. They give investors better returns along with many other advantages. By keeping one such share in the portfolio, one becomes a smart investor. With these tools, investors are always one step ahead in securing big gains in the future and at regular intervals. 


The contents of this page are intended for general informational purposes and do not constitute financial, investment, or any other form of advice. Investing in or trading crypto assets carries the risk of financial loss. The forecasted data (also called “price prediction”) on this page are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed to be accurate.

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