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OpenSea to Remove Operator Filter Moving to Optional Creators Fee


OpenSea, the NFT marketplace is changing the creators’ fee structure. The platform will remove the OpenSea Operator filter which places royalties. The marketplace has made the creators’ fees optional. It has decided to impair the operator filter. 

The collections that are using this option will have their creator fee royalties enforced on OpenSea through February 29 2023 after which there will be optional fees. OpenSea stated that creators’ fees aren’t going away but the ineffective, unilateral enforcement of them.

What Does the Operational Filter of OpenSea do?

OpenSea launched this Operator Filter in November 2022. It is a tool that facilitates by providing more control to creators by restricting their sales. It is placed with the aim to permit creators’ greater control over their Web3 business models. But, it is necessary to buy from everyone in the Web3 ecosystem but unfortunately, that has not happened.

Royalty was considered among the most enhanced utility or benefits for NFTs. It allows artists to generate income instead of primary sales from their work. Token-based platform X2Y2 when experimented with 0% creator royalty fees in February 2022, a debate was started in the crypto industry as to whether they were obligatory or not.

OpenSea always favored creators’ royalty and implemented it up to 10%. However, it reduced the royalty in February this year after the tension with the NFT platform Blur which only implies a 0.5% creator royalty fee.

A general calculation showed that by July 5 this year the NFT royalties had hit the lowest volume in two years. OpenSea made a decision to turn off this filter. This option facilitates the blacklist of NFT marketplaces that do not apply royalties. The change will be seen in effect on August 31. 

Finzer Stated removal of the Operational Filter

Devin Finzer, CEO and Founder of OpenSea stated this implantation to work on from coming September. The Operator Filter was described as a Simple code snippet that could restrict NFT sales to the marketplace that apply creators’ fees.

The CEO also added that they have not received the success that they have hoped for because they lack support from the NFT community. He also claimed that marketplaces such as Blur, Dew, and LooksRare had avoided this Operator Filter by combining the Seaport Protocol to bypass OpenSea’s blacklist and therefore avoid creator fees.

Apart from this, Finzer also said that they face repulsion and opposition from creators who thought the tool is intruding on their control over where they should sell their collections. 

He also verified that creators’ fees are useful for some business models, it is only available to creators and there are a number of other use cases of NFT technology that should also be looked upon.

He added that they have dedicated a large part of the roadmap to power new use cases which include digital and physical amendables and to market those use cases more effectively across the primary and secondary experiences.

However, some of the move is considered a potential blow for NFT artists who want to earn more through royalty considering it as a passive source of income. Many members have shown their disappointment toward OpenSea’s decision.


OpenSea’s declaration of making the creators’ fees optional has made the headlines. The platform stated that the operational filter will be deactivated and will not block any marketplaces from August 31, 2023.


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