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Bankruptcy-Escape Plan: Celsius to Vote after Court Approval


On August 17, Thursday, court disclosed that Celsius creditors can expect to recover around 675 to 85% of holdings. Celsius Network, a bankruptcy cryptocurrency lending company is to hold a vote on its Bankruptcy-Escape plan to sell assets to the Fahrenheit Consortium. This news highlighted the climax of Celsius Company’s year-long journey from bankruptcy, and allegations of fraud against Alex Mashinsky, former CEO.  

What’s the Bankruptcy-Escape Plan?  

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged Celsius Network, LLC, and its founder Alex Mashinsky for anti-fraud provisions and violating registrations of the Federal Securities laws in July 2023. According to the SEC, Celsius and its former CEO continuously misrepresented the core aspects of the business to gain higher profits. Communicating false and misleading statements about the business and trading strategies, financial health and safety, and security of customer assets.

Another major concern of the SEC is market manipulation. As per the complaint, Alex Mashinsky and Celsius Company were engaged in fraud to falsely enhance the value of Celsius. Also, unregistered offerings to investors under the Earn Interest Program are another allegation of the SEC over Celsius. All these false activities violate the registrations and anti-fraud provisions of the Securities Act of 1933, and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.  

To overcome the hazard, the Celsius network reached two plans that may allow returning the assets to the owners and end the bankruptcy proceedings. The first settlement is to increase the customer’s recoveries by 5% to resolve the accusations of fraud. The second settlement related to the interest-bearing Earn program under which customers will be able to earn a portion of their funds in crypto assets, along with shares of the new company.  

The overall case was supervised by the New York Bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn and on August 17, the troubled Crypto lender firm got approval from the judiciary to seek creditors’ endorsement for its plan.       

The Court’s Disclosure 

The court disclosed that suggested creditors can expect to recover at least 67%-85% of holdings. In addition, the court also rules that the disclosed statement linked with the joint reorganization plan should meet the required standards. The document also provides stakeholders with information about the plan to ensure the making of informed decisions on the issue before casting votes. Distributing pertinent documents and including voting ballots to the relevant parties is one of the most significant parts of the process. 

In response, the interim CEO of Celsius stated, “We will try our best to offer the best outcomes to the customers and creditors as soon as possible”.  

As a result, Creditors will receive voting ballots from August 24 and the final voting will be done on September 22, offering sufficient time for the voters to make relevant decisions in favor or against the plan. Also, the payouts will be credited in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The returns could range from 67% for Earn Account holders, 47% for the liquidation assets, and 86% for individuals participating in Celsius’s Borrow Program.       


The court approved the Bankruptcy-Escape Plan of Celsius network on 17 August disclosing that Celsius creditors can expect to recover around 67% to 85% of holdings. The bankruptcy crypto lending company set a vote to execute the plan which is expected to be done on September 22.  


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