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From Web2 Dominance to Web3 Disruption: Agoric’s Bold Journey

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From Web2 Dominance to Web3 Disruption: Agoric's Bold Journey
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Pratik Chadhokar
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Every tech journey has its challenges, only the comebacks that make history. How a company adapts, innovates, and reinvents itself amidst challenges often tells a compelling story. Take Ethereum, for instance. It recovered after the significant DAO setback in 2016 and solidified its place as the leading smart contract platform. Similarly, Agoric, a Proof-of-Stake chain utilizing Hardened JavaScript smart contracts to rapidly build and deploy DeFi. This platform showed what it means to build, persevere, and emerge stronger in the ever-evolving tech industry. Let’s explore how this company navigated the complexities of the tech landscape, turned challenges into opportunities, and crafted a unique position in the Web3 world.

Diving Deep: Why Agoric Isn’t Just Another Name

Although the concept of “Market-based programming” has been around for decades, Agoric redefined its potential. Agoric was officially launched in 2018 by a group of security researchers and computer scientists, including Mark Miller, Dean Tribble, Brian Warner, and Bill Tulloh. They wanted to translate the complex language of blockchain into the universally understood language of JavaScript, removing barriers for Web2 developers to enter. Essentially, they’re building a connector between the Web2 and Web3 world.

The CEO of Agoric, Dean Tribble, once shared, “Our goal has always been to bring the entire world’s economy online safely. Agoric is dedicated to providing a modern programming framework that enables developers, including those already skilled in JavaScript, to create a wide range of applications. Our approach opens the doors for mainstream developers to engage with Web3 and build innovative solutions, moving seamlessly from traditional programming to decentralized technologies.” 

Leveraging the robustness of the Cosmos SDK, and the Tendermint proof of stake system, Agoric allows developers to craft decentralized apps, including financial tools like collateralized loans and options. Their collaboration with the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol working group, aligning with stalwarts like Tendermint and the Interchain Foundation, further strengthens their position.

When we talk about backing, Agoric isn’t short of prominent names. Investors like Naval Ravikant, Polychain Capital, NGC Ventures, and the Zcash Company have shown their support. It reinforced the merit and potential of Agoric’s tech vision with a total of 22 investors placing their trust in the company. The industry certainly recognizes the potency of Agoric’s vision.

Agoric focuses on two primary principles: security and seamless integration. They have designed their programming framework with a strong emphasis on safety. It ensures that developers can trust the reliability and security of their smart contracts.  Beyond facilitating the transition of Web2 developers to Web3, they offer a mix of high-quality software development services, an advanced layer-1 blockchain system, and the BLD token. The BLD token is not just a digital token, it is the core of the entire Agoric ecosystem.

The BLD Token

BLD token has multiple functions within Agoric’s framework. As both a governance and utility token, it allows holders to shape the platform’s direction and access various services of the Agoric ecosystem. The native token also encourages active involvement in the network. It rewards users for staking their tokens.

The BLD token’s role in enhancing the ecosystem’s security is evident. From the growth chart of the BLD token, it’s clear that its value took a dip during a period when Agoric was going through a slow phase. However, as Agoric refocused and developed solid use cases for their tech and the BLD token, there was a noticeable shift from initial setbacks to renewed focus. Recent trends suggest a renewed interest in BLD.

While it’s easy to fixate on numbers, the BLD token value comes from the innovations of the Agoric ecosystem, such as their focus on security, decentralized markets, self-executing contracts, and embracing widely-used languages like JavaScript to make it easy for developers to build.

The Team

The comeback of Agoric and the significance of the BLD token cannot be discussed without talking about the team. The Agoric team persisted even during challenging periods. We are talking about industry heavyweights with proven track records of making waves. Take Mark S. Miller, a luminary in secure computing and smart contracts, who has made pivotal contributions to E and Dr. SES languages, coupled with his influential tenures at Google and the Foresight Institute, his expertise is unmatched. Then there is Dean Tribble, the visionary CEO responsible for the pioneering AMIX smart contract and groundbreaking innovations at Microsoft’s Midori OS. His collaboration with SunLabs for the WebMart electronic contract is a testament to his talent. Not to be overshadowed, Michael Jablon is the strategist responsible for igniting Spectrum’s digital phone surge, amassing an impressive 4 million users and raking in a whopping $2 billion annually. 


Agoric has faced many challenges on its path, showing how tough the world of tech and blockchain can be. They have seen good and bad times, but their efforts to innovate, come up with new solutions, and adapt stand out. Instead of only following the latest trends, they delve deep into the heart of tech and remain focused on their mission to onboard the Web2 economy into Web3. Agoric’s journey shows how staying focused and bouncing back from setbacks can make a big difference. Agoric doesn’t just survive challenges – it thrives, turning every setback into an opportunity for innovation and growth. In the narrative of Web3’s evolution, Agoric, with its steady resolve and the potency of the BLD token, is setting down roots that promise both influence and longevity. In Agoric’s journey, there is a lesson for all: True innovation stems not from the absence of challenges, but the courage to face them head-on.

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