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An Ultimate Guide to AORA, a Blockchain-Based E-Commerce Platform

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An Ultimate Guide to AORA, a Blockchain-Based E-Commerce Platform
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Buying real-world products with cryptocurrency was once a dream and AORA, a blockchain-based E-Commerce platform turned the dream into reality. With the AORA marketplace, connecting with thousands of merchants and real-world products available in the US and Chinese markets becomes effortless.

The platform handles orders and delivery processes to more than 100+ countries, allowing consumers to discover the best product in exchange for digital assets.      

History and Overview 

AORA is the world’s first blockchain-integrated global buying marketplace that made buying real-world products using cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain-based E-Commerce platform’s journey began in Q3, 2018 when Luminore 8 Pte. Ltd signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Singapore Post Ltd.

An Ultimate Guide to AORA, a Blockchain-Based E-Commerce Platform
Source: AORA Website

AORA, first every global buying platform based on blockchain enables individuals to make real-world product purchases using crypto. The platform also allows merchants to use a suite of solutions including AORA Pay, Trust Circle, and Borderless.  

In addition, the cross-border buying concierge service enables individuals to discover the best available products with cost-efficient payments and end-to-end logistics. 

AORA Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Roadmap 

AORA, the utility token of the world’s first blockchain-integrated global buying marketplace entered the cryptocurrency world in the third quarter of 2018 with a listing on ICO exchange in Q4 2018.

An Ultimate Guide to AORA, a Blockchain-Based E-Commerce Platform
Source: AORA Whitepaper

The coin’s was launched in Q4 2018 whereas the core development of AORA began in Q1 2019. In Q2 2019, the coin was crypto-listed on the website for the first time. Also, AORA’s mobile application was developed in Q2 2019 and the onboarding merchants and retail stores were set up in Q4 2020.

How AORA Platform Works

Three easy steps can help any individual make a purchase using digital assets.

An Ultimate Guide to AORA, a Blockchain-Based E-Commerce Platform
Source: AORA
  • The first step is to communicate the wish, choose a product, and provide product details to make a purchase from any online E-commerce store in China and the US.    
  • The next step is to establish a local online shopping experience. However, you just need to sit back and AORA will purchase the product on your behalf. 
  • The third step is the interaction with merchants and logistics intermediaries, to ensure accurate delivery. Cross-verifying the delivery details will help the product reach your doorstep.   

Also, Fiat currency, Bitcoin, Ether, and USDT are some of the currencies accepted on the global buying platform. 

The AORA Merchant Suite

AORA Merchant Suite, powered by smart contract potentials helps merchants sell and share products worldwide. The three solutions are as follows-

AORA Pay: a decentralized online payment gateway for merchants who wish to process digital asset payments for their businesses. Additional transaction fees, low transaction fees, and reduced marketing costs.     

AORA Trust Circle: Trust Circle is a brand, product, and merchant review system that helps customers make an informed purchase. Reviews on merchants, products, and brands help in making a worthwhile buy.

AORA Borderless: a cross-border logistics management service that offers merchants global end-to-end logistics management. Leveraging information stored on the blockchain helps merchants manage issues related to landed costs and compliance issues.  

Why Use the AORA Marketplace?

With AORA, purchasing real-world products from any online store and marketplace in the US and China becomes easier. The platform delivers products to more than 100+ countries and connects with global merchants and millions of real-world products.

In addition, the use of the AORA platform transparent FX rates with no product markup. The platform also offers door-to-door delivery, saving both time and cost with an immersive shopping experience.    

AORA Coin Use Cases and Tokenomics 

AORA coin is used to make cross-border E-Commerce purchases without cashing out. The coin leverages blockchain technology to fill the gap between cryptocurrency transactions and traditional E-Commerce. 

According to AORA whitepaper data, the ERC-20 token holds a total of 312,500,000 minted tokens and a crowdsale amount of 125,000,000. The utility token was issued by Y Ventures/ Luminore 8 under the Singapore Jurisdiction of issuance. 

An Ultimate Guide to AORA, a Blockchain-Based E-Commerce Platform
Source: AORA Whitepaper 

40% of the total tokens were released for the crowd sale and 2% is offered to the advisors.  

20% of the total is allocated to the team involved in the ICO procedure whereas 15% is secured as company reserves for a second offering and future bonus.10% of the tokens are allotted to the community promoting ICO and 13% is used for marketing campaigns like user acquisition and crowd sale. 


AORA platform made online shopping much more fun with cryptocurrency. Operating in more than 100+ countries, the platform made real-world products from the US and Chinese markets much more accessible. In addition, the AORA Merchant suite solutions including AORA Pay, AORA Trust Circle, and AORA Borderless made selling and product delivery effortless.


What currency are accepted by the AORA platform?

AORA platform, one of the first blockchain-integrated E-Commerce platforms accepts ETH, BTC, SGD, and USDT.  

What is the technical architecture of the AORA platform? 

The AORA platform is based on the Ethereum platform, Raiden Network, and Plasma technology. Ethereum is a blockchain infrastructure, Raiden network is an off-chain blockchain technology whereas Plasma is a side-chain technology developed on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

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