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Solana Foundation Announces Solana Hacker Houses for 2024

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Solana Foundation Announces Solana Hacker Houses for 2024
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In the cryptocurrency world, there are two popular events: hacker houses and hackathons. These events facilitate developer communication and allow networking and collaboration on ongoing and upcoming projects. 

What are Hackathons?

It is an event that brings developers together to work on projects for some time, typically 24 hours or less. The users of such events include companies; they use them to source new ideas and talent. Also, the users (companies) are the sponsors of the events.

Developers work in teams to create prototypes of new products or services. Then, the sponsoring company presents awards to the best prototype. It provides a platform for developers to showcase their skills and talents to potential employers. It also builds long-term professional relationships among developers. 

Moreover, many hackathons offer prize money, which attracts participation from developers.

What are Crypto Hacker Houses?

It is essentially a large home or mansion rented out by a cryptocurrency company for housing developers who are working on the company’s projects. The usual period for such arrangements is between one and three months, during which developers are together 24×7 to work on the desired projects. The organizing company is responsible for paying the rent, which makes it an attractive option for developers.

Benefits of the Crypto Hacker houses include their ability to provide an opportunity for developers to live and work together round the clock without being disturbed. It also allows developers to save money while working on their projects.

What is the Solana Hacker House?

It is a four-day event that provides a perfect place to learn, create, and connect with the best minds in the industry. In this event, developers gain hands-on experience with Solana, one of the fastest-growing blockchains in the world.

Attendees receive mentorship from core Solana Labs engineers and other experts. Solana Hacker House is much more than a hackathon and not exactly a crypto hacker house. It’s a creative playground for developers where they can let their imagination go beyond their usual thinking capacity. 

They can get the opportunity to bring some out-of-the-box ideas for the Solana blockchain, which can bring about a revolution to the ecosystem. It allows developers to build anything that a developer can dream of, from DeFi applications to NFT games.

The Solana Hacker House was first organized in the USA in February 2022. Each house has a limited number of seats, and only developers can attend. They also need to register in advance to be a part of the event. The event is organized across the world during different times of the year.

Benefits of Solana Hacker House

Opportunity to learn from the best

The Solana Hacker House allows developers to receive hands-on training from core Solana Labs experts and engineers.

Window to build something amazing and unique

Developers are allowed to create and build their own DeFi applications, NFT games, or anything else that they can imagine and that has relevance in the industry.

Networking opportunities with the Solana communities and other similar developers

It provides a space to meet other builders, investors, and entrepreneurs. These interactions and connectivity can help developers improve their careers for the future.

Remarkable prizes

It also showcases developers’ work to the Solana community, which highlights the achievements of developers in the space. The extraordinary work can win prizes or rewards from Solana Labs and other partners.

Schedule of Solana Hacker House 2024

The Solana Foundation has announced its schedule for Solana Hacker House on January 17, 2024. The dates of four events across the world have been announced so far.

The list is as follows:

New York City, USA28-29 March 2024DeFi, Security and Regulations
Dubai, UAE15-16 April 2024RWA, Stablecoins, and Regulations
London, UK5-6 July 2024To be Announced
Bengaluru, India26-27 July 2024To be Announced

All these events will be followed by the annual gathering of the Solana community in Singapore, scheduled for 19-21 September 2024.

Expectations from Solana Hacker House, 2024

It will allow developers to participate in informative and educational programming, including workshops, panels, and presentations from industry experts and teams. 

It will provide opportunities for networking and connection. Developers can experiment, build, and receive feedback on their ideas and are allowed to participate in a trial to show their work samples to the community.

The topics focused on by each Solana Hacker House will specialize in different and relevant areas of the blockchain space.


What are the charges to attain Solana Hacker House?

It is completely free for selected participants.

What is the process for application?

All they need to do is fill out the application before the deadline or before all the seats get reserved, whichever is earlier.

What are the criteria for selection?

The form asks for a reason to attend the event, and all the applicants with convincing reasons get their confirmation.

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