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A Comprehensive Guide to ERC-7265 Token Standard and its Role

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A Comprehensive Guide to ERC-7265 Token Standard and its Role
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The cryptocurrency sector and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) showcased tremendous growth in recent years. However, security is one of the major concerns that DeFi protocols are not getting rid of. As per data from a Chainalysis report, over $1.7 Billion of digital assets were stolen in 2023. Although the number is a bit lower than the year 2022, it could still reduce the faith of individuals in crypto.  

To enhance the security of DeFi protocols and sustain the trust of individuals in the crypto universe, a team of Ethereum developers introduced a new standard which is ERC-7265.  

What is The ERC-7265 Token Standard?

The ERC-7265 token standard, introduced by a team of Ethereum developers, is based on the concept of circuit breaker mechanism. The mechanism simply disables the system temporarily and helps the DeFi protocols in preventing the transfer of tokens during any hack.    

It is an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) that works on the smart contract interface and pauses the asset transfer when a predefined entry for a particular metric is reached. The motive is to enhance security and mitigate potential losses. 

During an attack, the funds frequently get stolen before the knowledge of developers. Logic errors, re-entry attacks, and manipulation of oracles are major cases of attacks and the EIP standard helps in mitigating these events.  

Additionally, the ERC token standards showcase a set of rules and regulations that developers need to follow while developing a new token on the Ethereum platform. Hence, the new standards were introduced keeping in mind the existing rules and regulations.    

Interestingly, the circuit breaker can be customized in two ways. It holds the potential to delay the settlements and also hold the investigation of the asset temporarily. These approaches permit developers to maintain full autonomy while enhancing protocol strength.  

How is ERC-7265 Preventing the DeFi Risk? 

The introduction of the ERC-7265 token standard can be bliss for DeFi protocols, mainly in terms of security-related risks. There are several ways in which the new standard is assisting the DeFi protocols. 

Security enhancement is one of the chief features of the new standard in the DeFi environment. The involvement of the circuit breaker mechanism will help DeFi mitigate significant losses when encountering any malicious acts. Pausing the token flow helps in safeguarding digital assets. 

Enhanced protocol stability is another factor to which the new standard is contributing. The mechanism prevents token transfer when suspecting any unfavorable activities or market conditions. Such a practice helps the protocol users resolve problems, boosting individuals’ confidence and trust in DeFi and the crypto universe. 

An extra layer of security will be added to the Ethereum protocol, and all credit will go to the ERC-7265 standard. The mechanism made it easy for the developers to delay the contract settlement or alter the token transfer when encountering any hack. Additionally, the new standard will also protect the DeFi protocol users along with offering customization in the security standards.   

Advantages and Disadvantages of ERC-7265 Standard  

The Ethereum Improvement Proposal comes with several benefits that enhance its positioning in the crypto space including increased security, flexibility, reduced losses, and broad adoption. 

The mechanism simply helps individuals mitigate security risks and safeguards users from malicious attacks. The concept will also reduce the chances of a flash loan attack, restricting attackers from draining the protocol’s funds. Additionally, a high level of flexibility for developers and customization for attack prevention boosts the value of the standard in the crypto space. 

However, the concept holds some negatives mainly associated with implementation, acceptance, and compatibility. High-level engagement of circuit breakers can halt the entire network. There is no guarantee that the circuit breaker is compatible with different DeFi protocols. Apart from this, the update needs favorable votes from the community. 


The concept of the ERC-7265 Standard was introduced to mitigate the risks and issues associated with DeFi protocols, mainly related to security. The involvement of the circuit breaker mechanism adds a layer of security to the DeFi protocols, which could lead to a decline in hacks and attacks in the near future.  


What is the ERC-7265 token Standard?

It is a standard offering the addition of high level security to the DeFi protocols using the circuit breaker mechanism. 

What is the circuit breaker mechanism? 

It is a mechanism that is mainly used to halt a particular activity in a protocol. 

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