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Paris Hilton’s Roblox Destination Got An Ad Equivalency Of $60M

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According to her company, the Roblox destination created by Paris Hilton received a comparable level of attention as a $60 Million advertising campaign.

Paris Hilton’s latest Roblox creation, “Slivingland,” has attracted over 3.2 Million users since its launch in August 2023. This has resulted in a media ad equivalency of $60 Million, according to a report co-authored by Hilton’s 11:11 Media and Research think tank Geeiq.

Story Began Last Year

In August last year, crypto media pages covered the launch of ‘Slivingland’, a Roblox experience introduced by Paris Hilton to promote her music, fashion, and other ventures.

Recently, 11:11 Media, Hilton’s partner in the project, in collaboration with Geeiq, a research firm, published a report on the experience. This report included various statistics.

The report stated that As of February 2024, it has welcomed over 3.4 million visitors. Furthermore, Paris Hilton’s Slivingland debut in August 2023 generated a significant $60 Million in earned media ad equivalency, accounting for 2.6% of Roblox’s total earned media in 2023.

Highlights of the Report

The report highlighted that Hilton has earned substantial revenues from the sale of virtual ’emotes’ within her Roblox world. “At the end of 2023, Paris sold nearly half a million emotes over a two-month period,” the report states.

The ‘Sliving For The Groove’ emote is available for purchase at the Roblox Store for 100 Robux, which equates to roughly $1.24. Although we don’t know precisely how the revenue was divided between Hilton and Roblox.

Roblox and its Brief Financial Performance

Roblox is currently a platform with over 71 million daily users as of Q4 2024. Roblox has reported an annual revenue of $2,799.3 Million in 2023. This was a 26% increase from the previous year. 

Slivingland accounted for approximately 2.6% of Roblox’s total earned media equivalency in 2023, thanks to a viral TikTok campaign that drove nearly half a million emote sales on the platform at the end of 2023.

In addition to this, each emote costs 100 Robux, which is valued at around $1.25, depending on how the player’s Robux is purchased. 

It is unclear what revenue split Hilton receives from Roblox. Hilton has a history of Roblox ventures, with “Paris World” launching in October 2021. The claimed Queen of the Metaverse is also investing in Story Protocol, a blockchain-based intellectual property ownership network. Furthermore, she is launching a romance-themed metaverse called “Parisland” on The Sandbox in 2023.


Paris Hilton’s Roblox world “Slivingland” has attracted over 3.2 million users since launching in August 2023, earning the star substantial revenue from the sale of virtual emotes. The report, published by Media and Geeiq, also noted that Hilton had previously launched “Paris World” on Roblox in October 2021.


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