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Myria Token: Step In The World Of A New Web3 Gaming Experience

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South African Cricketer, AB de Villers is gearing up for his innings in the blockchain ecosystem. “Mr. 360” has collaborated with the Myria blockchain gaming company to create a blockchain game that uses NFTs and blockchain play-and-earn (P2E) structures.

Myria ($MYRIA) is an ERC-20 token, fully audited by Hacken. The token will be used for transactions on Myria’s layer 2 (L2) scaling protocol.

Gaming has been widely recognized as a high potential industry for blockchain application. Web3 and blockchain technology are expected to form the foundation of innovation in this sector in the near future.

$MYRIA token is officially live, bringing Myria a step closer to building the ultimate Web3 gaming ecosystem. $MYRIA adds in-game utility and numerous benefits to its holders, empowering the growth of Web3.

What Is Myria?

Myria is a groundbreaking example in the Web3 ecosystem. Myria stands tall in our fast paced world where gaming and technology meet. Myria is fused with a Layer 2 blockchain together with a AAA game dev studio. This bridges the gap between gaming and decentralized technology.

Myria transcends with scalability and zero transaction fees in the gaming industry. Going beyond fun, where players earn rewards for their participation is what makes Myria stand apart. These advantages, together with instant on-chain interactions and commitment-free minting forms the stepping stones that facilitate Myria’s rise to the top of the market.

The power vacuum left by unsuccessful players, plagued by the network clogs and exorbitant participation prices proves to be the perfect place for it.

Exploring Myria’s Ecosystem

Myria offers a unique Layer 2 wallet and NFT marketplace and brings the best of blockchain technology and gaming. The Myria wallet is laced with features that address the needs of every player. It provides secure and convenient digital asset storage and also integrates core functionalities. From access to the marketplace and games like Moonville farms to Node license purchases – the wallet sits at the core of Myria’s ecosystem.

$MYRIA serves as a primary instrument to engage in staking, governed voting, licensing and exchange. Thus, $MYRIA ensures complete security, decentralization and overall functioning of the network.

Myria has taken major leaps in establishing its ecosystem and expanding its reach within the gaming community. The token has reached several milestones including the registration of million users, the launch of the Myria Core SDK and the successful airdrop of 900,000 sigil NFTs.

The platform is committed to its users which is highlighted by their continual improvements. The launch of Myria developer portal and improvement of Myria SDK proves their guarantee of giving enriched gaming experience.

The Myria Developer Portal And Myria SDK

Sustaining a community of developers plays an important role in development of any blockchain platform. Myria completely understands these statements and extends their support to the developers community in the form of Myria developer portal and Myria SDK.

The portal serves as a comprehensive resource center, offering guides, documentation and other essential tools to simplify the development process on the Myria Layer 2 blockchain. The Maria SDK is a dynamic set of development tools that facilitates developers to seamlessly port their Web3 projects in the ecosystem. This step ensured the development and growth of the platform.

Maria ecosystem workflow. Source: Myria docs

Myria equalizes its support network for its layer 2 platform. This is done by providing community members the opportunity to purchase Myria Node licenses and operate the Myria node. These node operators become crucial players in the network’s security and decentralization initiatives, thus strengthening the integrity of the underlying chain.

A reward system further binds this community involvement in network security. There is a mutually beneficial arrangement system for both node operators and the Myria ecosystem. Node operators get compensated with Myria tokens for their services. This approach preserves the robustness and integrity of the platform while promoting accessibility and participation.

What Are The Potential Use Cases Of Myria ?

Myria’s potential use cases span across a wide range of verticals, primarily focusing on tokenization. By providing an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, Myria aims to meet the performance requirements of some of the most used cases in the market. This includes minting NFTs, launching new connections, transferring or exchanging existing tokens, and more. Furthermore, Myria’s tokenization rules engine and domain specific language (DSL) allow developers to customize low level aspects of their assets without complicating the process for new users. Myria also aims to enable third-party gaming studios, NFT communities, and developers to easily develop blockchain powered games, dApps, and experiences.

Myria has merged decentralized technology with high quality AAA game development while incorporating StarkEx-an L2 scalability engine known for its efficiency. This technology allows Myria to handle up to 1K Mint, Settlement, and transfer TPS and 200 mint request TPS in real time.

The validation process of StarkEx is fast and reliable. It allows Myria to offer a unique experience to its users, reflecting transactions completed on the user’s front-end without waiting for on-chain finalization. Lag and high costs are a hindrance to many users, speed and efficiency are key factors that levels up Myria.

AB De Villers has shown considerable interest in Web3 gaming, especially Myria gaming. The Ethereum L2 scaling gaming platform had collaborated a few days ago. 

The mobile-based cricket game is the first celebrity-backed blockchain cricket game. It combines blockchain play-and -earn models with NFT’s earning potential. 

The renowned cricketer wants blockchain gaming to be a more social and exciting experience, similar to a game on field. 

De Villers stated, “The main thing is that there is no compromise. My cricket game will be fun and exciting, just like a match on field, but will also empower digital asset ownership. Myria shares my commitment and together we will bring new cricket experiences to my fans.”

The name of the game is yet to be finalized.

At Myria, the team is committed to revolutionize digital asset ownership and gaming experience. In short, Myria is shaping the future of gaming. Myria nodes received some behind-the scenes improvements related to Node reward distributions that will minimize any failures in the distribution of rewards.


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