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Turbo Crypto Shows Massive Gains of 49%: Will it Give More Gains?

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The cryptocurrency that has been given a huge boost this week by AI is called Turbo (TURBO). This meme coin has caught the attention of traders and has seen its value increase by 49% in the last 7 days, reaching upper levels. 

However, this is only a small part of its impressive growth. If we look at the daily chart, TURBO’s value has shown multifold growth with a remarkable surge in the last 3 months.

From an experiment by GPT-4 to “create the next great meme coin,” Turbo has quickly become more than just a joke cryptocurrency. Turbo has a limited supply of 69 billion tokens. Despite having no real utility, it has become highly profitable for early investors with more and more CEX listings.

The founder of Turbo Token initiated a daring experiment in the world of cryptocurrency by creating the first-ever meme coin, which is AI-generated.

The project’s creator was inspired by the immense potential of artificial intelligence and tasked GPT-4 with a straightforward mission: to create the next major meme coin. With a small budget of only $69, the development of Turbo Token began as an ambitious undertaking in cryptocurrency creation.

Will Turbo Crypto Price Smash $0.00148 Mark?

The Turbo cryptocurrency price experienced massive buying and extreme support from buyers. The price surged 49% last week, demonstrating that buyers are dominating the market now.

Turbo price has witnessed slow and steady growth since the last few trading sessions. The price has been forming new higher highs and higher lows. According to our analysis, the Turboprice prediction for this month will remain positive.

At press time, the Turbo crypto (Turbo) price was trading at $0.0009398 with an intraday loss of 4.21%, indicating bullishness on the charts. Analysts are bullish and suggest the Turbo price will attain higher levels in upcoming sessions.

The price volatility for crypto has been rising steadily for the last few days, indicating higher engagement of traders. 

Turbo Crypto Price vs. Volume Analysis

The volume and price graph displayed that the trading volume has increased from $11.78 Million to $32.48 Million in the last 10 days. The price has also inclined with the volume. 

The uptick in the price and volume is showcasing the buyer’s presence in the cryptocurrency demonstrating that investors are attracted to this new meme coin.

Turbo Crypto Social Metrics Are on the Spike

The social metric of the Turbo is on the rise, and showcasing this meme coin has been getting good media coverage in recent times.

The increase in social media engagement has positively affected the Turbo crypto price. This is evident from the social dominance and volume graph on platforms like X, Instagram, and Telegram. The future momentum of the Turbocrypto price may be influenced by the levels of social dominance and social volume.


Turbo (TURBO) is a meme coin created by GPT-4 as an experiment to “create the next great meme coin.” It has become more than a joke cryptocurrency, with a limited supply of 69 billion tokens and steady growth over the last few months. 

The coin has seen a significant increase in value, up by 49% in the past week. Its trading volume has increased from $11.78 Million to $32.48 Million in the last 10 days, indicating good media coverage.


This article is for informational purposes only and does not provide any financial, investment, or other advice. The author or any people mentioned in this article are not responsible for any financial loss that may occur from investing in or trading. Please do your research before making any financial decisions.

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