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BLATRUMP Supporting 17000% Expected Return After Listing on ByBit

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A new coin, known as Black Donald Trump, was launched last week with the ticker BLATRUMP. In the analysts’ view, the coin has the potential to grow by approximately 17,000% in a very short period. 

Within the next 48 hours, BLATRUMP will get its first listing on a centralized exchange, ByBit. The prices are expected to skyrocket after being listed. Moreover, it is anticipated to become a mainstream coin like other similar coins, namely DOGE and SHIB.

Analysts expect a similar price performance from BLATRUMP to that of its comparable counterparts, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Performance of BLATRUMP so far

Till date, BLATRUMP could only be purchased through Solana-based decentralized exchanges like Jupiter and Raydium. The early investors in BLATRUMP can expect huge returns in the coming days after its centralized exchange listing.

The coin is presented through an edited picture of former US President Donald Trump. In the image, his skin tone is changed to a darker shade. However, users must note that Donald Trump might have nothing to do with this coin.


The coin was launched with a locked liquidity of $54,000, which gives it a unique advantage over other new coins. This characteristic will also support the high return expectations for early investors.

When writing, BLATRUMP traded at approximately $0.00002229, with very high price volatility depicted through its evolving minutes and hourly returns. It offered a volatile 5-minute return of 4.57%, an hourly return of -61.06%, and a 24-hour return of 937%. It is changing in the blink of an eye.

Moreover, it has processed over 1,050 transactions in a week, with a total volume of approximately $110K, out of which buy volume was $56K and sale volume contributed to over $53K.

Out of the total processed transactions, 700 were buy transactions, and the remaining were sale transactions. 

How to buy BLATRUMP before Bybit Listing?

In order to buy Black Donald Trump on Jupiter or Raydium before getting listed on Bybit:

A buyer must connect his/her MetaMask, Solfare, or Phantom wallet and swap Solana for BLATRUMP by entering its contract address in the receiving field. The required address is 29BiHVTBEo7RnbtwqwTmV3Hy6nDTadcCgopM6HUyjGRK

Expectations after the listing

The DEX Screener claims that the coin has the potential to make early investors millionaires if they invest before the ByBit listing, which is scheduled in the second half of the second week of launch. 

It is anticipated to offer a substantial return, said Junaid Bhatti (@junaidsoofi123), a market analyst in the crypto field with a not-very-renowned follower base over X, formerly Twitter.

Other similar market analysts also shared the common view. However, the coin is not covered by any renowned market analysts through their X accounts. Nevertheless, if the current return trajectory continues after the listing, it might attract other significant market researchers.

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