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Pink Drainer Announces Exit, Shutting their Operations

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Pink Drainer
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Pink Drainer, a notorious crypto-wallet draining kit, announced their shutting down through a Telegram message after helping steal over $85 Million.

In a Telegram message, the members of the group declared that they had achieved their goal as per their predetermined plan and that now it was their time to retire and leave the industry. The ZachXBT circulated this message among the public.

Peckshield Alert was also among the early informers.

After communicating this message, they would have started to wind up their operations, disseminating all their infrastructure. All the stored information would be erased or securely destroyed in a way that would not harm any of the users.

Details of the Heist

As per the data from Scam sniffer and Dune analytics reported in May, the drainer group has stolen approximately $85,297,091 spread across 21,131 total victims.

The amount stolen has substantially increased since the end of 2023. In January 2024, in a single transaction, their stolen amount reached to approximately $4 Million. Until then, their stolen amount was much less.


The above image shows their total stolen amount on multichain data.

In 2024, they would have stolen around $75 Million from a total of 19,810 victims

Moreover, they did not perform any activity in the last 90 days, as per the reports. They have staked a total of approximately $18 Million in DAI, constituting a total of approximately $1.348% of the total $sDAI tokens.

Further Steps from the Company

The group has confirmed that they will not be involved in any of the operations and will never plan to return to the industry. As the message stated, “Beware of the impersonators; we are not planning on returning in the future.

This message also warned users to beware of fraudsters who might claim to be them using similar addresses. 

They also said that their retirement will not significantly impact the work of others. Furthermore, they are sure that people will easily accept other similar players, just as they open-heartedly accepted Pink Drainer. 

They further thanked all the members of the group for showering them with trust, dedication and respect for them and their services. They expressed special thanks to the members who were present with them from the beginning.

They also shared a life advise to enjoy the life if they have enough funds rather than running after money. The text stated, “If you have enough money right now to financially support yourself, we advise you hold onto it and take a step back from the grind and enjoy what this world has to offer. Life is too short to get caught in the perpetual cycle of needlessly spending, going broke, and trying to make it back.”

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