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$3.5m Raised and Counting: Bitbot Offers a 100x Crypto Investment Opportunity

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It’s not often that a 100x opportunity comes along, but the AI project, Bitbot, has all the hallmarks of one. Bitbot raised more than $3.5m in its ongoing presale. It now promises a crypto trading revolution with its advanced AI-powered Telegram trading app. 

Read on to learn more about what could drive BITBOT to 100x gains in 2024.

Advanced AI and premium security are making Bitbot popular with investors

Bitbot is a new entrant in a brand new sector: Telegram trading bots. A sector that’s gained serious traction in 2024 and captured over 1.5 million crypto traders. These bots grant traders direct access to decentralized exchanges and sophisticated automated trading tools, all from within the Telegram interface. 

Bitbot’s ingenious AI-powered Gem Scanner feature is designed to give retail traders an intelligent leg up. It uses AI to pull data from various sources to identify trending tokens and assign them a one-look Degen score.

This score ranks tokens based on their on-chain activity and overall market sentiment, providing a snapshot of potential future high-flyers. The AI is self-evolving and continually refines its process, and traders can interact with it using natural language.

For those holding BITBOT tokens, there’s a special treat: the Alpha List. This exclusive compilation of hot tokens, identified by the Gem Scanner, can be used alongside Bitbot’s sniping feature. Users can use that feature to enter promising projects early before the big pumps happen.

However, AI is just one part of Bitbot’s game-changing approach. Unlike its peers, who have stumbled over security issues and custodial concerns, Bitbot champions a non-custodial ethos.

Leveraging a partnership with KnightSafe, a decentralized, open-source self-custody service, Bitbot allows traders’ assets to remain in their possession until trades are executed. This unique feature, combined with advanced anti-MEV and anti-rug pull technologies, provides users unprecedented security and peace of mind.

Bitbot stands head and shoulders above the competition in a marketplace teeming with similar offerings. Improving security alone would be a significant advantage. However, when paired with AI-driven trading insights, Bitbot could set a new gold standard in the Telegram trading bot market. 

When you add community-focused incentives, such as a popular revenue-sharing scheme of up to 50% and a lifetime referral bonus of 15%, Bitbot could dominate in 2024.

The fertile environment for Bitbot’s growth

Let’s zoom out and consider the broader Telegram trading bot market. Despite its rapid growth, the sector hasn’t been without its flaws. Numerous trading bots have fallen victim to hacks, primarily due to the custody of user keys. Many other bots offer little to distinguish themselves from the crowd. 

Nevertheless, the market has seen an explosive increase in activity. It soared to over $21 billion in volume, up from around $5 billion at the start of the year. It spread across more than 110 million lifetime trades. Over 50,000 users engage with these bots daily, completing more than 500,000 trades.

AI tokens have seen significant movement lately; at press time, AI tokens have surged in value to around $30 billion.

With tech titans like Google and Microsoft also riding high on AI-driven earnings—Google’s stock, for instance, jumped 10% following an earnings report supported by its AI innovations—the climate is more than conducive for Bitbot to make its mark.

Bitbot’s future potential

This perfect storm of factors—including Bitbot’s massive upgrade on the competition and bullish market dynamics—has led to more than $3.5m piling into the BITBOT presale. Bitbot’s follower count has ballooned, reaching 90k+ on Twitter and 25k+ on Telegram amid ongoing product updates.

Notable crypto gem hunters such as CryptoVertexx have already backed Bitbot. Moreover, reputable publications like Cointelegraph, Business Insider, and Finbold have featured Bitbot and its mission to revolutionize Telegram crypto trading.

Currently priced at $0.018 in stage 13 of its 15-stage presale, Bitbot is inching closer to its final tag of $0.02. Experts inform us that Bitbot is comparable to Banana Gun. It famously delivered more than 80x returns to its presale investors after a $1.3 million presale. 

Bitbot has already raised more than 2.5x that of Banana Gun’s presale and has both superior AI trading power. Its iron-clad security measures are set to steal many users from its rivals. Therefore, projections of 100x returns this year seem well within reach for Bitbot.

Bitbot’s presale is on track to sell out

With Bitbot in its final presale stages, now is the time to act. With 11.11% growth remaining, the window to join this revolutionary crypto bot at a bargain price is narrowing by the minute. 

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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