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Americans are responsible for 40% of global crypto gambling: How did that happen?

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The world of online gambling is constantly evolving. Over the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed a rise in crypto casinos, which have become the leaders in innovation and convenience. These platforms accepting digital currencies have emerged as the place to be, and their popularity is skyrocketing, especially in the United States.

This article will pay particular attention to the explosive growth of crypto casinos and compare their popularity in the United States and other geographies worldwide.

An Enormous Difference in Popularity 

When talking about the popularity of crypto casinos, the United States definitely stands out from the rest of the world. The disparity between various markets is evident and staggering. The best way to illustrate this is by using the data provided by online search analysis tools, such as Ahrefs and Semrush. 

According to Semrush, there are only approximately 20,000 searches for the term Bitcoin casino in the world. 8,100 come from USA (see below). Ahrefs shows a similar picture. 

(image from

The situation is even more staggering when checking Google’s own Ads tool. In the US, there are over 50,000 monthly searches for crypto casinos. On the other hand, the numbers for markets like Australia or the UK are in stark contrast, with just 5,000 searches on a monthly basis. Of course, the US has a significantly larger population, but this difference goes beyond the population size. It shows there’s a deeper cultural and technological embrace of crypto in the States.

Why is the US So Dominant?

There are multiple factors behind American dominance in the crypto casino landscape, and it’s essential to cover them all to understand the current situation better.

The US market is complex, and its restrictive gambling laws helped the rise of crypto casinos. As many regular payment methods were banned or their use limited, many players had no choice but to use cryptocurrency.

Additionally, there’s the shadow of Silicon Valley. The US is a technological powerhouse, influencing many Americans to try and fully adopt digital currencies. The constant buzz around blockchain technology and related innovation also played a key role in making crypto widely used.

Another factor that made a significant contribution to the rise of crypto is the impact of celebrity endorsement. Famous figures like Kim Kardashian and Matt Damon have further added to the craze. Their star power offered a helping hand to the popularity of cryptocurrency. Fans of the NBA, particularly the Lakers, regularly watch the game from the arena in Los Angeles (at least for the next 18 years). It suggests that crypto is slowly but surely solidifying its status in popular culture.

Besides, that doesn’t stop with trading platforms and exchanges. signed a 100M a year endorsement with Drake, followed by having a Formula 1 team to carry their name. That’s something that most would consider imaginary just a few years ago, and it just became a reality. 

Impacting Other Geographies

There’s an exciting relationship between crypto casinos and the overall acceptance of digital currency in the US. The widespread use of crypto for online gambling has surely played a key role in the latter. Crypto was an ideal match for the iGaming industry, and once its everyday use became regular, it was a logical move.

It’s evident that the US leads the way, and the current crypto craze will surely affect the rest of the world. Countries with regulated markets are beginning to see a new trend emerge as cryptocurrencies provide more freedom. At the same time, crypto casinos are becoming more popular, although at a slower pace compared to the US.

Egg and Chicken

An interesting question is, “Would crypto be as popular in the U.S.A. as it is without online gambling?”

The available figures say that more than 40% of Americans visited a casino in 2023; the percentage of online punters is not far behind. Until recently, players were forced to use crypto to play online. They might have been the motive that brought them to get acquainted with Bitcoin and similars.  

The situation seems to be changing as more states decide to make online gambling legal. But so many US gamblers have gotten used to crypto. Old habits die hard, and with more sites like Stake coming up, (someone said Snoop Dog…?), the situation is unlikely to change. New players catch the trend. As a result, the acceptance of crypto in the US continues to increase. As for the rest of the world, they will get on the wagon at some point, but for now, the Americans are years ahead. 

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