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Day’s Best 8 Altcoins: NOT, FLOKI, KAS, ENA, ONDO, WIF, BNB, & FLR

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Altcoins are all those cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin (BTC). Some altcoins use distinct consensus mechanisms to validate transactions on the chains. These altcoins generally have new or additional capabilities or purposes.

In particular, most of the altcoins are released and designed by developers with several distinct visions and use cases for their cryptos. A Youtube analyst who goes by the handle ‘DustyBC Crypto’ highlighted his 8 best altcoins of the day. 

The Best Altcoins Are:

1. Notcoin (NOT)- It is known as the asset that has been associated with a viral game on the Telegram messaging app, it operates within the ecosystem of the Toncoin (TON).

2. Floki Inu (FLOKI)- It is a token on the ETH chain and a famous meme coin due to dog branding, it was named as Elon Musk had a pet dog named Floki.

3. Kaspa (KAS)- it is a PoW crypto that had introduced the GHOSTDAG protocol, its architecture furnishes parallel blocks and immediate transaction confirmation, with rapid single-second intervals in the block.

4. Ethena (ENA)- It is a project that was announced as the 50th project on the launch pool of BINANCE. Its project is notable as in this launch pool users could stake BNB and FDUSD to farm ENA tokens.

5. Ondo (ONDO)- it is a DeFI project, it serves as the token of governance for ONDO DAO which oversees the changes and developments to the Flux finance protocol.

6. Dogwifhat (WIF)- it works on the Solana platform, and is known as a meme crypto. It has been categorized alongside dog-themed cryptos such as BONK, Floki, and BONE.

7. BNB (BNB)- it is known as a crypto that fuels and powers the ecosystem of the BNB chain. It operates as a utility token that enables users to trade it more easily, like any other crypto in the market.

8. Flare (FLR)-It is an L-1 network that centers on blockchain interoperability, and it has been designed to bring smart contract capabilities to various distinct blockchain projects that lack them.

Notcoin (NOT), Floki Inu (FLOKI), Kaspa (KAS), And Ethena (ENA) Technical Comparison:

Altcoins are rising and are maintaining bullish momentum. They are ripe for a splendid surge. It looks like bulls have harnessed energy to pierce the resistance level on higher TF and climb to new altitudes from the current zone.

Moreover, NOT has surged 11.35% intraday while KAS surged 1.56%. Meanwhile, ENA showed bearishness intraday with dip of -7.365%, and Floki plunged -1.35% in the price performance.

Additionally, the Notcoin (NOT), Floki Inu (FLOKI), Kaspa (KAS), And Ethena (ENA) , all these altcoins indicator tools are highlighting optimism.

Ondo (ONDO), Dogwifhat (WIF), BNB (BNB), And Flare (FLR) Technical Comparison:

Moreover, these four altcoins are also igniting to continue to burst upward. These crypto assets look more than ready for a massive surge, as they build up strength to blast through the barrier and skyrocket to new levels from the current zone.

Furthermore, the ONDO has surged 1.82% intraday, FLR showed an intraday surge of 1.0%, while BNB had surged 3.30%. Meanwhile, WIF showed bearishness on intraday with dip of -1.59%.


The views and opinions stated by the author or any people named in this article are for informational purposes only. They do not establish financial, investment, or any other advice. Investing in or trading crypto or stock comes with a risk of financial loss.

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