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LINK and Cardano Attract Investors In The Bull Run; What Is Cosmic Kittens’ Fate?


While many cryptocurrencies are in their resurgent phase, competing to maximize profits for their holders, other cryptos, like Chainlink (LINK) and Cardano (ADA), are enjoying the limelight. While many cryptocurrencies are in their resurgent phase, competing to maximize profits for their holders, other cryptos, like Chainlink and Cardano, are enjoying the limelight with their outstanding market performances. 

Following this trend, crypto investors are on the lookout for coin assets with profitable results, and the recent crypto volatility makes the search a difficult feat.

However, crypto whales are currently interested in a new entrant to the crypto domain, Cosmic Kittens (CKIT), which holds an excellent opportunity for early investors to make profits. 

This article will discuss why Cosmic Kittens should be among your top investment portfolios alongside Chainlink and Cardano.

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Chainlink (LINK) Makes an Exciting Market Recovery

Chainlink is a decentralized web of data oracles, blockchain ecosystems, and non-crypto enterprises that allows fast and secure user transactions. It has been built on the Ethereum blockchain and inherits its decentralization, remarkable scalability, and security. 

Hence, Chainlink can handle multiple transactions via its interconnected network of nodes, using the LINK token to settle transaction fees. Operators who maintain and keep the nodes working receive incentives like LINK tokens as a reward. 

Chainlink has maintained an almost 170% price increase since Q3 2023. However, it has spent most of 2024 on a bullish wave, rising above the $20 mark in March 2024. With the recent bull market run, analysts speculate that the token might witness a price change soonest, breaking past $30 before Q4 2024.

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Cardano’s (ADA) Price Resurges Slumps After Q1 Resurgence

Cardano has continued to gain traction since its takeoff in 2017. However, things spiraled down for the promising crypto following SEC’s enlistment of Cardano as a security, leaving the coin plummeting by over 30% with a $0.2626 threshold. Afterward, Bakkt, a New York-based digital platform, delisted Cardano alongside Solana (SOL). 

Cardano has been taking steps since 2023 to gain holders’ trust. These moves have resulted in Its ADA token enjoying the bullish season’s perks. The ADA price traded at $0.7713 in March but has since fallen drastically through Q2 of 2024. The price of ADA is currently at $0.3834, its lowest of 2024. However, the token shows signs of positive price loops, as analysts predict Cardano’s (ADA) price could reach a maximum value of $1 before the end of Q4.

Cosmic Kittens (CKIT): Holding Limitless Opportunities For P2E Gamers and Cryptocurrency Investors

Cosmic Kittens is an emerging GameFi project with its sights on disrupting the blockchain gaming industry and the broader crypto space. Built with robust blockchain tech, Cosmic Kittens presents a rewarding ecosystem for P2E gamers and investors who back the project early on.

The game blends dynamics from Tagamochi, Pokémon, and Nintendogs to form a unique pet-centered P2E gameplay where players must care for their Kittens to keep them happy and boost their power.

Aside from rewarding players with an intriguing experience, Cosmic Kittens provides several opportunities for everyone to earn, including investors. In exchange for caring for their cats, players can get more formidable characters that fetch higher value on the market. These NFT kittens can be selectively bred to form new characters with rare abilities, providing more valuable assets to the owners. The most committed players on Cosmic Kittens can also access higher-tiered rewards, including super rare NFTs and galactic art pieces. As for token holders, staking their CKIT will attract boosts that increase their reward yields.

The project is already attracting attention from gamers and investors, with market analysts predicting a potential 1,000% rise in the Cosmic Kittens (CKIT) token’s value from its presale stage. The project has initiated a 26-year liquidity lock and a 2-year lock on the team’s token, promoting stability and long-term growth to boost investors’ confidence.

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Is Cosmic Kittens a Better Investment Than LINK and ADA? 

While ADA and LINK continue to flourish in the crypto market, CKIT is poised to outperform as the project’s launch will introduce a game-changing P2E title, providing players and investors an opportunity to earn significant financial rewards.

Cosmic Kittens is giving investors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to acquire its CKIT tokens at a starting price of $0.0055 at the start of its presale. It will also offer more value to investors via its 20% bonus on CKIT purchases. 

Likewise, some presale investors will be selected to receive 700 NFTs at a discount value of 0.02 ETH. Become an early bird investor in this game-changing GameFi project today by buying into the presale. Keep a close eye on the ongoing presale with the links below:


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