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Investors Are Ditching PEPE and Injective For This New Crypto Moonshot


With the bull market taking a Summer break, investors are preparing themselves for the next leg up. Finance platform Injective has experienced a bigger dip than most. Moreover, in the meme coin space, the Pepe price is down a worrying 40% from its May highs. 

It is all taking place before the next leg up as investors look for the next moonshot. New crypto Rollblock appears to be the token attracting all the attention as analysts predict major gains of 880% during the presale and 100x once it launches and is added to the major exchanges.

What’s next for the Pepe price?

The Pepe price has been extremely volatile this year as the market cap grew from $500m to over $7b in the first half of the year. The price is now down 40% from its May highs, but will Pepe bounce back once the bull market gets going again?

Pepe is a deflationary meme coin that pays homage to the famous Pepe the Frog internet meme. It boasts a lighthearted approach and no-tax policy, allowing Pepe to capture the attention of the crypto community. The ongoing interest in meme coins and the appeal of Pepe’s cultural icon status suggest that the Pepe price could regain momentum.

INJ is more volatile than most cryptos

Launched in 2020, Injective (INJ) is certainly no new crypto, but it has gone under the radar somewhat. It’s a blockchain designed specifically for the financial sector, and the INJ platform offers a robust and interoperable layer-one platform for DeFi applications. 

Despite its innovative technology and strong ecosystem, the INJ price is currently down 60% from its ATH, making the Pepe price seem somewhat stable. That said, INJ remains significantly up from its 2022 bottom. Moreover, once the market picks up, we should see a recovery in the INJ price.

Rollblock looks set to lead the 2024/5 bull market

Rollblock is a new crypto, swiftly making waves in the online gambling industry and among savvy crypto investors. By merging the best of centralized casino gaming with the security and transparency of decentralized technology, Rollblock offers a platform designed to disrupt the gambling and gaming industries.

At Rollblock’s core is the native token, $RBLK, which gives holders access to everything within the Rollblock ecosystem. Users can participate in popular games and sports betting and pay for all transactions throughout the platform. Besides, there are no KYC checks for those who dislike Big Brother watching every move.

Something many investors look for is a way to earn a passive income, and Rollblock ticks this box emphatically, thanks to its lucrative staking and passive rewards system. The Hold to Earn feature allows token holders to earn a passive income through the platform’s income. 

In addition to staking, Rollblock boasts a revenue-sharing model, which dedicates a percentage of the platform’s weekly revenue. That, along with a strategic token buyback and burn mechanism, ensures the platform looks after its investors and users.

The Rollblock presale has already exceeded expectations, with over 90 million tokens sold in a short period, and is in no sight of slowing down. Analysts’ early predictions of an 880% rise during the presale and a 100x increase at launch are clearly within sight.


The bull market has been somewhat choppy since March, and the Pepe price has reflected the volatility. That said, INJ has seen even more volatility as investors move away from meme coins and DeFi promises and look for utility and growth potential.

Rollblock stands out as a promising contender. Anyone who’s been around a couple of cycles knows it will be a new crypto leading the way during bull cycles. Rollblock ticks all the boxes as the presale continues to exceed expectations.

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