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BSV & BCH May Never Make New Highs Against BTC, Rollblock Can Dominate This Cycle


The cryptocurrency market has struggled recently as many tokens remain highly volatile. Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent drop below $55,000 further reduced the valuation of the cryptocurrency market by almost 8%. 

Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are offshoots of the Bitcoin blockchain. As a result, they were affected by Bitcoin’s decline. Investors holding Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV saw the tokens’ prices drop below their corresponding critical support levels. These investors are now considering new players like Rollblock (RBLK) to diversify their portfolios and recover losses. It is a DeFi token that could dominate the crypto cycle in the coming months. 

Bitcoin SV (BSV) Experiences a 20% Decline Following the Creator’s Identity Controversy

Bitcoin SV continues to decline following the Q2 bear run. Dropping from its $56.4 price point earlier in March, BSV now trades at $35.97, according to CoinMarketCap. This recent downtrend has further influenced investors’ bearish sentiment about Bitcoin SV.

Analysts have labeled BSV a risky investment after courts ruled that Bitcoin SV’s founder presented investors with the wrong identity. If Bitcoin SV’s price continues its downward trend, selling pressures will increase. Thus, Bitcoin SV investors will seek innovative tokens like Rollblock to replace their losses. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Struggles to Rebound After Market Decline

Bitcoin Cash, another Bitcoin fork, has experienced a downturn over the past few weeks. According to Bitcoin Cash’s price chart on Coinmarketcap, BCH has performed poorly. Its price fell from $471.3 to $331 in the past four weeks. The highly volatile nature of Bitcoin Cash has discouraged investors seeking steady growth with higher profit potential. As Bitcoin Cash’s investor confidence wanes, experts predict the price could continue to drop until the next Bitcoin bull run.

Thousands of Investors Flock to Rollblock (RBLK) as the Presale Records Huge Success

While BCH and BSV struggle to grow, Rollblock has distinguished itself as an altcoin with massive potential in 2024. It is the world’s first casino-backed play-to-earn token that aims to unify centralized and decentralized gaming experiences. Rollblock grants users access to over 150 casino games while prioritizing transparency and integrity. 

By using blockchain technology to process transactions, every transaction on Rollblock is securely logged and easily verifiable. It ensures no bets change after players place them. This high level of transparency has attracted numerous investors searching for a safe and promising investment opportunity.

No KYC Required

One factor that differentiates Rollblock from other iGaming platforms is its streamlined user onboarding process. Rollblock bypasses the typical KYC requirements and allows users to start by linking their digital wallets. Users can also kickstart gaming by registering with an email address. 

This user-friendly approach has significantly boosted the platform’s user base. That, in turn, has drawn a wave of investors keen on acquiring the $RBLK token. The $RBLK token is central to Rollblock’s ecosystem, acting as a reward mechanism for players and a future staking asset. 

Additionally, Rollblock features a revenue-sharing model to reward token holders on the platform.  Up to 30% of weekly profits from the casino are allocated to distributing profits among token holders and repurchasing $RBLK from the market. Thus, Rollblock can burn tokens to increase scarcity and value.

RBLK Presale 

Rollblock ($RBLK) is now in stage 3 of its presale, priced attractively at $0.0154. The rapid sale of over 100 million tokens within a month signifies the rising investor interest in the project. Since the presale price is the lowest it will ever be, now is an excellent opportunity for investors to stack the $RBLK tokens. According to the project’s tokenomics, Rollblock’s total supply is 1 billion $RBLK, with only 60% available during the presale. Analysts predict that at this rate, Rollblock could see an appreciation of over 800% before the end of the presale, making it a highly lucrative investment.

Rollblock is uniquely positioned to disrupt the online gaming and casino sectors, making it likely to become a leading DeFi token in 2024. The token’s broad utility, revenue-sharing capabilities, and extensive benefits for holders provide substantial growth potential. Experts forecast that $RBLK could see up to 100x growth in the coming weeks, making it the best to accumulate Rollblock tokens and leverage the growth potential of this innovative platform.

Discover the Exciting Opportunities of the Rollblock (RBLK) Presale Today!




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