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A clear vision of Digital Money

A bright future is all we ask for but all that we remember is our debts.

Throughout this article, we are going to talk about the very thing that will allow you to take back control over your life and provide you with real wealth and a real future that your children will one day be able to thank you for.

Airgeadcoin can do this by creating your own debt free Precious Metals Currency backed with a real asset — Precious Metals.

Here we are going to explain that how the mutual agreement between the people can solve the challenge of using digital currency in daily life.

The problem of the time stamp and dual transaction which we have explained in our previous article (Daily use of Digital Money) may sound surprising and disappointing for understanding the usage of digital money. To make cryptocurrency system work better, perfect transaction ordering is not necessary. The only thing we need is mutual acceptance of digital currency among ourselves.

The concept of Blockchain has made this a step easier. A whole bunch of freshly made transactions is assembled in a single block, in transactions that do not break the stated rules (no double spends inside a block are allowed and all individual transactions must be valid — that’s easy to check). So who gets the authority to assemble a block and sort all transactions inside it according to their subjectively perceived order?

If we talk about Bitcoin it could be anyone who gave their proof of work disburses during that certain period of time- this serves as an anti-spam mechanism; at least that’s the general answer. But if you look at this concept clearly and try to understand the basics you will realize that all the work done here is merely a coincidence over and over again, anticipating to get the winning combination.

Correct ordering of a transaction:

Could we have a perfect order of transactions (even though not necessarily consistent with every observer’s perceived order) and still make it universally accepted?

The answer is yes — it would just take a simple modification of Bitcoin’s protocol that would limit the number of transactions in a single block to one. As you can guess, this would lower the network’s throughput in terms of TPS (transactions per second). We could try to shrink the block size to offset for this, but this efficient solution has its technical limits as well. So grouping the transactions broadcasted at the same time, into blocks, is a useful trade-off that improves scalability.

The physical optimal counts and parameters largely depend on the underlying blockchain technology and the technical limits are not necessarily equal for all blockchains. That’s why we may see cryptocurrencies with much faster blocks than Bitcoin and often much higher practical limits in terms of TPS.

How Airgeadcoin can help?

All we need to do is to change our perception of precious metal currency.

Up until this point you only had one option, debt based money and let’s be honest it’s an absolutely horrible one. Money is Debt, control, power and reliance all of which is based on each one of us.

We can no longer look at precious metals as a physical currency, we have come too far for people to exchange physical precious metals coins/bars for goods and services.

A Digital Precious Metals Currency is the only way in which precious metals can become a currency once again, with each digital coin representing a physical currency. For within Precious Metals in the digital form we will have the perfect vehicle for ease of movement, ability to value itself in any currency, have value based on itself and which can be exchanged for goods and services throughout the world. It has endless possibilities!

How Can Airgeadcoin Do This:

We begin by storing your Precious Metals in one of our storage facilities at absolutely no cost to you, unlike everyone else we do not charge any management fees, insurance fees or storage fees that dilute your wealth.

We will create a digital Precious Metals Wallet which shows you the contents of your physical Precious Metal coins/bars.

Provide everyone with the first physical Precious Metals Exchange which can value all Precious Metals coins/bars in real -time in any currency for the first time, creating a stable and worldwide value for your Precious Metals.

You will have the ability to use these values as a currency to purchase goods and services.

Provide everyone with the ability to trade on auction sites, classified sites and e-commerce sites on which you can base the value of goods and services in a Precious Metals Currency.

The world is moving rapidly towards digital platforms for anything and everything in our life and it is slowly becoming an indispensable part of our lives. However, mankind has not yet evolved in terms of handling currencies and we still depend on physical currency for our daily transactions.

Life has to be worth more than a system that robs us all and our children of the future. To know more about Airgeadcoin visit

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