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A Comprehensive List of Top Ten Cryptocurrency Charity Organisations

The cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular among people. Many sectors have open doors for the cryptocurrencies and charity or non-profit organizations are also one of them. There are hundreds and thousands of charity foundation around the globe and cryptocurrency initiated charities also present. Charity is when a person wants to help others by donating them some money, clothes, shelter, food, and etc.

There are many international levels of charity foundations which utilize cryptocurrencies dor donations and even some are initiated by the crypto community people. People want to help others who are in need and there are many organizations accepts donations in cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, VCash, Monero, Binance Coin, etc. Here we will be going to discuss the top ten cryptocurrencies charity foundations.

Top Cryptocurrency Charity Organisations

1. Binance Charity Foundation: Binance charity foundation is ranking at the number one position. It is an organization which works as a nonprofit foundation and it is devoted to accomplishing the goal of an open door for the blockchain’s power and it’s continuous development or growth on the global level. It was launched in 2018 by Binance team.

The Binance Charity Foundation (BCF) provides transparency and comprehensiveness in the donation of the blockchain system and lure donors to participate and donate to improving the lives of the poor. The platform utilizes the blockchain technology for increasing capability and liability of assets. However, it is not clear where the funds go after the donations. The donors could go to the website of the BCF to make the donations.

The platform also successfully raised a lot of money for its charitable causes. The Binance also provide registering fees of the ICO to the foundation. Users can also donate their amount anonymously and they can make payments using Bitcoin, Binance Coin, and Ethereum.

2. Fidelity Charity: Fidelity Charity holds 2nd ranking in the market and it was founded in 1991. Fidelity is a public charitable foundation 501(c) (3) and also provide a facility of maximizing the funds donated by a donor through the service of Giving Account, a donor-advised asset.

The Giving Account functions as that when a user donated, for one thing, they can make various other donations to different organizations which are related to charity. Basically, it is acting as “middleman” between the charity platform and the donor. For example, a donor made a single donation of around $20,000 in the Fidelity’s Giving Account. Now the amount gets shares between the different charities the donor pick. The donor is the only person who can make the decision and the Giving Account just follow the directions donor give.

The donation made to the Fidelity charity is also tax-deductible. The donors can also invest through the donation and it gives donor benefit of not of getting worried about tax, also their funds show expanding growth. The Giving account of the platform is just best, the donor only receives one tax-receipt and even he made the donations all year. The platform also supports cryptocurrency.

3. Pineapple Fund: Pineapple fund began as an experiment in the year 2017 and it is ranking at the 3rd position. Through this platform, a donor can make donations with the virtual currencies to various charities. It is founded by a single man and he thought that share is caring because of this he started this Pineapple fund charity and donated around $55 million of funds. He identity is still unknown and he thinks donating cryptocurrencies to the people is the best way.

He set a particular amount of Bitcoin he should have and whenever it exceeds, he donates it. The funds don’t go to one person instead it goes to a charity which helps several people to solve their problems.

4. War Child: War Child was founded in 1993 and it was started with a mission to provide a better life and education to the children who got affected in wars. The War Child Charity offices are situated in Canada, the United Kingdom, United States, Holland, and Australia. The is a very high-level non-governmental organization of international level and it helps children and refugees from war-affected areas or regions.

This is charity organization provides basic amenities and fulfill the basic needs of the children, women, families and other people who lost their houses and living with nothing. The charity is currently most active in the country such as Syria and helping out the families who lost their everything due to war. Those who are living on the streets and refugees camps. The platform helped them with the cryptocurrencies and fulfill their needs.

They also offer education to the children and teach them how to read and write. Also, provide sponsorship to support and shape their career. On the other hand, for elderly people, they offer skill development programs. The donors can easily donate with cryptocurrencies by just clicking the donate button on the website. They can also subscribe to it and get newsletter and updates.

5. BitGive Foundation: BitGive was established in 2013 and it was a first cryptocurrency and blockchain using charity foundation to even founded. The ranking of the charity is at the 5th position and the is non-benefit Bitcoin 501(c)(3) organization. Its focus is to fill the gap between charity work and technological innovations in the industries.

Over the years the foundation has raised a lot of funds for the charity work and did alliances with other non-benefit organizations like The Water Project. Save the Children, Medic Mobile, and TECHO. After two years of launch, the foundation took its Bitcoin initiative to the next level of Bitcoin 2.0. For the donation, the users can go to the website and just click the donate button. You can donate in any virtual currency.

BitGive is solved many problems or issues that came forward including the limitation of the financial services, services fees or transactions fees, fraud, transparency, bad time management, and BitGive solved these problems by using the blockchain technology. The user could access it from anywhere in the globe, no or fewer transaction fees, the highest level of security, transparent and it manages time week. People can also receive the newsletter.

6. Clean Water Coin: The concept of this organization is very unique and it works to save people live all around the globe by cryptocurrency mining. The charity foundation receives 0.1% for every transaction made and it doesn’t believe in one donation instead it uses many others. The foundation is working in many countries and the continent. It gives the donations directly to the platforms or even individual who actually need it.

It provides the most fundamental need of a human being i.e. water and the platform solves many other issues like users can make ad video to show their service and also CWC wallet in which users hold virtual currency, through this they could make payments or donations, the interesting thing is that you also alter crypto Bitcoin to water to donate. The foundation has also collaborated with different business to help them and this is ranking on 6th position.

7. Dignitas: Dignitas is a non-benefit organization which is based in Switzerland. The main goal of the organization is to provide life with dignity in society. The foundation is international and works in many countries and the continent. They help people to live in a better lifestyle and provide medical support. The foundation works along with health workers and offers the best medical care for the patients.

The foundation is seriously working to help who have serious health conditions such as HIV, providing aids to expecting a mother who needs it, and they also provide yearly training to the health workers to give better services. The users can also receive the newsletter and also it is providing health care solution to living a better life for the people.

8. Donationcoin: It is ranking at 8th position in the market and the donor can make donations using cryptocurrency. The donation amount is not fixed so that donation may be small or big. The main goal is to collaborate with different platform and reach to the people who seriously need help. The platform also uses blockchain technology just like others. The transactions on the platform are made so easily and quickly, donor pays no or low fees on the transactions.

For making donations the users need to install or download the ‘Donationcoin wallet’, then the donor needs to sync their own wallet with the platform’s one. The platform main objective to assist while sending and receiving transactions. For making donations the permission of the users is required and it is very transparent. The main features of the platform or target on social media and user can be the newsletter.

9. Bithope: Bithope is founded by Bulgarian crypto an enthusiast named Vladislav and he also creates the first website in Bulgaria for crypto exchange. It also provides the basic amenities to the people who need it. The donor could make their decision to which campaign they are going to make the donation to. The donor can also make a donation to the platform itself if they are unable to choose the campaign.

The platform provides regular updates and the platform has some of the big names such as, Loinbase, and Betahaus. They also utilize social media to enhance their users and for advertising. The platform is transparent and provides a high level of security. The main features are that users can choose from the active campaign and they also receive the newsletter.

10. Crypto Charity: This foundation is different in the term that it provides help to animals welfare and not for a human being. The interesting thing is that it provides support animal is not restricted to one region or area, they provide support on a global level. The platform is really unique as it provides animal welfare with the help of blockchain technology.

The donor can make the donation form any part of the world and it uses to give better facilities and health care to animals.

The platform is transparent and secure, the donor can choose charities foundations that os registered on the platform of crypto charity. The user can register themselves as a donor and make donations to the charities that all over around the globe. The plan their strategy very well to keep their charity visible in the market.

The make presentation or reports on the donation as proof of their work and if it requested by someone, by this the donor’s trust becomes immense. These are also available publicly to anyone to see how the platform is utilizing the money. The bed features on the platform are the details provided about ICOs and the newsletter received by the people who subscribe to the website.

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