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A Cracking reply to Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak’s Remark ” Indian culture lacks Innovation”

The tech expert, tenderly known as ‘The Woz’, will address the power-stuffed GBS gathering of people on February 24, at New Delhi’s Taj Palace Hotel. In a fireside talk on Saturday morning, Wozniak will talk on “Rebooting Silicon Valley: Dealing with syndications, culture wars and greed”.

when asked about his Views on Indian,

Apple fellow Founder Steve Wozniak said, Indians tend to do not have a specific creativity with regards to tech advancement. For what reason does he say this? Well he believes it’s a result of both the culture and our Education system.


In a meeting with Times of India, Wozniak likewise said he doesn’t trust any huge tech advances will originate from India.

“What is the greatest tech organization here, Infosys perhaps? I simply don’t see that kind of thing leaving Infosys and I have done keynotes for them three times,” he said.

Yes, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is right; The Country lacks Creativity and innovation and Entrepreneurs. The present education system lacks practicality and relevance. The general deliberation of people in India is to complete graduation get a 9 to 5 job in any IT/MNC which could hardly be paying them 20k-30k at an average, which is less than the salary of a US Labour, these are probably really shocking stats.

But what’s the Reason and Whom to be blamed for it? The reason behind is lack of scope for Research and Development in India. Expenditure on research and development (R&D) is a key indicator of government and private sector efforts to obtain the competitive advantage in science and technology, but Neither the government nor the private sector tends to put any effort in R&D. This had become the major reason for India’s inadequacy to compete with the world in tech advancement.

According to World Bank’s data – India’s spending on R&D (about 0.6 percent of GDP) is well below that in major nations such as the US (2.8), China (2.1), Israel (4.3) and Korea (4.2) Private investments in R&D have severely lagged public investments in India, it said. In most countries, the private sector carries out most of the R&D. However, in India, the government is not just the primary source of R&D funding but also a primary user of these funds.

There is a Need of change in Current statics of R&D, the Whole education system lacks creativity, which is drastically affecting the future of India, there is a need to spread awareness towards research and development, The Researchers and innovators should get funding for their innovations.

There is an Emerging solution for India’s research and development sector, a platform for innovators to innovate and collaborate on intellectual property, Kakushin Ecosystem is where innovators meet investors, who will invest in research and development of emerging Innovations. This platform can be the next milestone in creating a New Innovation Industry in India.

Lack of spending on Research and Development is the reason behind lack in Creativity and innovation. People in India follow stereotypes they are busy in accumulating and not creating something new, Sometimes due to lack of funding or Maybe because they are too risk averse and choose to walk on a proven path at everything in their lives.

KAKUSHIN Ecosystem is the key, to unlock the doors of immense opportunities and potential by creating an ecosystem necessary for seekers, researchers, innovators, developers, and inventors. KAKUSHIN Ecosystem will prove to be the perfect environment to give birth, nurture, and flourish an idea/concept into a real and viable product, to be used by consumers. Kakushin is a tool to encourage research and development in India, kakushin will work as the bridge between Investors and innovators, Investors will fund the Research and development of Product/Innovation and Innovator will get all the resources and funding required for their innovation. Kakushin also serves a marketplace for lease, buy and sell of innovated Product/service.

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