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A Game Set-up to Formulate Compatibility Between Bitcoin and Ethereum.  

It has often been seen or noticed that bitcoin and ethereum enthusiasts lack compatibility. An enterprising game, however, is under establishment, which is hypothesized as a significant one. It is considered as an attempt to narrow the space between bitcoin enthusiasts and ethereum enthusiasts. It is an attempt to bring both the crypto-currencies close together.

The gaming enterprise which goes by the name of blockade games was announced on July 31 has been developed and in a state of still-launched as it has been reported by Heirdon to the Coindesk. It is learnt that it has been successful in its venture to bridge the gap between bitcoin and ethereum. It has triumphed in this particular venture by sending a bitcoin lightning transaction in a manner that causes an ethereum smart contract to run.

The possible briefings on the yet-to-be-launched game.

The game, before its launch, has been subjected to road-tests. The road tests, however, were successful and these tests basically would lead to plans in order to add some lightning network support to the neon district. This is its upcoming role-playing game which has been built on the top of ethereum. The transactions, as it is said, would be made by sending some lightning network for the acceleration of the payments.

Heirdon who happens to be the CTO of blockade games explains in a blog post which has been released on Wednesday that these tests were of utmost importance because it is a staunch belief that both bitcoin and ethereum hold massive prospective significance. They want the users to avail the convenience of sending lightning bitcoin payments in order to trigger ethereum events which are considered as an advancement in the domain of bitcoin and crypto-currency.

According to the blog the integration of lightning network payments, instant payments in bitcoin would immediately be enabled and other events such as minting a brand new Neon district asset to buyer’s ethereum or loom network wallet. It is speculated that such an attempt is a much-needed evolution in crypto-currency which is seen to be undergoing some rocky patches in recent times.

Heirdon reports to Coindesk that though, the developers and  the makers of this game have not yet disclosed the code of this unique transaction which is known as lightning transaction but there is a promise from their side to bring it to light once it’s security is ensured and perfectly ready to be brought into implementation so that it can conveniently be handled by people. This game, Heirdon, re-iterates that has been premised on the context of the rift between the ethereum and bitcoin enthusiasts. He considers both to be the sides of the same coin and they are inter-dependent.

Heirdon adds to his explanation that when it comes down to a positive set of proverbs like sovereignty, privacy and autonomy especially in the realm of cryptocurrency which faces the onslaughts of society and the politics, infighting will be an affair of the past.

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