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A New Decentralized Hybrid Exchange Makes Plans to Lure A Wider Range of Traders

The previous year, the number of cryptocurrency exchange hacks set a lot of new records, numerous cryptocurrency exchanges come to a halt amidst the ongoing bear market. Cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives skyrocketed in recent years as companies realized that not taking advantage of new solutions would eventually find it difficult to compete in the global market.

However, despite the many benefits of these innovative pieces of technology, individuals and businesses have faced a difficult battle with regard to adoption and ease of use. Challenges have still plagued this space people aren’t much aware of how to participate and interact with the blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives.

Blockchain technology has only existed for a decade, a new financial service has come to the forefront but Investors find it risky investing in cryptos and digital tokens. The challenge of low liquidity, extreme price volatility, and delays during the execution of the trade are still here.

These are the challenges that Cloverdex was specifically designed to overcome through its Next Generation Modular Hybrid Decentralised Exchange designed to overcome the seven major challenges of Cryptospace; accessibility of funds in the real world, usability, security, liquidity, compliance with regulations and laws, education, and transparency.

Cloverdex is a highly secure and hybrid cryptocurrency exchange for both novice and advanced users. The project incorporates features of centralized exchanges with everything offered by a decentralized exchange. Allows users to buy, sell and manage cryptocurrencies safely and securely. Cloverdex’s next-gen platform will consist of three components: A hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, a multi-currency wallet, and an EFTPOS debit card. Cloverdex plans to recreate commerce into a user-centered experience that lays the foundation for how things should be done in this space.

Here is how they will do this -:

  • The advance cryptocurrency trading platform will provide users with a quick and simple way to trade popular cryptocurrencies allowing trading to/from fiat and between different cryptocurrencies. The service has been designed to be very easy to use and secure and utilizes enterprise-level security.

  • The Cloverdex Multicurrency wallet to store and transact a wide range of cryptocurrencies, The wallet is designed to be user friendly and safe, integrated with security features such as two-factor authentication (2FA), multisignature (multisig) technology, for secure storage options that will enable clients to keep away from the hacks and security compromises that have turned out to be the regular passage in the crypto space.

  • Cloverdex’s EFTPOS debit card cryptocurrencies can now be used at millions of EFTPOS terminals anywhere in the world that accepts EFTPOS, used at millions of EFTPOS terminals around the world and it can also be used for online purchases via linked Google Pay and Apple Pay. Cloverdex’s EFTPOS debit card provides instantaneous conversation from crypto to fiat at point of purchase.

  • The platform is one of the first of its kind to establish an avant-garde educational platform. This will benefit both beginners and experienced traders. An extensive content library will be developed using the skills of professional cryptocurrency and blockchain educators, as well as experts in the field.

  • The platform will also launch a customized news, data and analysis aggregator for the cryptocurrency space. This service will provide real-time and predictive cryptocurrency information to platform users and help them overcome the problems posed by lack of trust and the general lack of reliable information.

Cloverdex has embarked on the mission to encourage broad acceptance and adoption of digital currencies by making it simpler and more straightforward for novice and propelled clients to take an interest in the cryptocurrency market. Cloverdex is one stop shop to trade, store, learn and to spend cryptocurrencies, it will work as a bridge between the traditional payment systems and blockchain based currencies.

The truth will surface eventually how well this venture will do, however at this moment, it would seem that it is destined for success. It will intrigue see what the project can do in 2019 and beyond.

The Cloverdex is currently available on Satoexchange, where available pairs will be CLDX/BTC and CLDX/ETH. You can trade on Satoexchange, using this link -: https://www.satoexchange.com/?ref=cloverdex.

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