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Ada Cardano Price Prediction: Cardano’s Strong Hold Depicts Its Strong Potential

Although the crypto did face many bearish moves on its journey recently, however, Cardano still managed to perform well on a weekly basis. In fact, if the price charts of the crypto are taken into account, it can clearly be seen that there has been some notable escalation in the price.

If observed with a keen eye, the price chart of Cardano also shows a really imperative fact about the crypto. The last seven days have also been one of the periods when the crypto was fighting with the bearish moves almost on a daily basis. In fact, only yesterday the coin witnessed the highs at$0.049950 as well as the low at $0.48180.

However, the part that must be noted is the fact that the Cardano didn’t let the bears destroy the overall momentum of the coin.

Well, this quite clearly explains that Cardano has got a really praiseworthy potential.


The opening of the crypto yesterday was found to be at an escalation of 0.59% and that shifted the price from $0.04900 to $0.04929.

The coin, however soon witnessed a drop of 2.21%. However, ADA was somehow able to hold the coin around the threshold of $0.049.

Perhaps that is why by the end of the day the crypto was able to achieve a jump of 2.38%. The jump shifted the price from $0.04884 to $0.05000.

The dynamics of the price chart clearly depicts the praiseworthy potential of the coin as it managed to hold its position despite many downfalls.


Speaking about the current statistics of Cardano, the crypto is trading at 0.049101 USD whereas the ROI of the coin is at 126.50%.

The market cap, at present, is somewhere around 1,273,966,681 USD.

As far as the Total Supply of the coins is concerned, its found to be 31,112,482,745 ADA whereas the circulating supply is 25,927,070,538 ADA.

The 24-hour vol of the crypto is somewhere near 48,401,732 USD.


Although the present quarter is a bit disappointing as the coin somehow or the other falls in the pit of the bears but there is still a good hope.

In fact, the majority of the market, after observing the undoubtedly strong performance of the crypto, believes that the coin will recover really soon.

As far as the investment plans are concerned, short terms investment might be a bit risky as the coin is really volatile and faces bearish moves every now and then.

Therefore, the long-term investment might better step as it will undoubtedly offer a considerable return on the investment.

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