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All-Time High of Grayscale Investments and The Reason Behind is literally worth your time

Grayscale Investments, a well-known digital asset management fund, grabbed the attention of the entire market as it recently recorded an all-time high volume of assets within the management of $2.7 billion.

Well, speaking about the exact facts and figures in mind, it was recorded by the Digital Asset Investment Report on Q2 2019 that the firm has successfully counted over $2.7 billion in assets under management. This data indicates the records up to 15th July 2019.

If observed carefully, it can clearly be noticed that this data somehow indicates a massive enhancement in the assets under management.

A Brief Glance At Grayscale’s Performance

As per the reports of the firm, it was revealed that considering its total investments in its single-asset as well as its diversified investment product, the total amount turned out to be somewhere around $84.8 million.

Truth be told, this outcome is in fact twice the amount that the firm witnessed previously. Therefore, when elaborating about the recent surge in prices, the firm stated that the new investments were the major contributor in it.

Further revealing the layers of truth behind the present scenario of the firm, it was found that almost 70% investments were the ones coming from investors who were converting tokens that they already held into shares of Grayscale products.

Moreover, they were not the only contributor as 84% of the total demand for Grayscale products, which is actually the highest one, comes from the institutional investors.

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