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Analysis says only 4.6% of the crypto developers are Female; Is the Crypto Market actually MALE Dominated?

Github, Microsoft’s code-sharing site, recently came up with an extremely astonishing reality of the entire crypto market.

According to an analysis of the 100 most popular blockchain projects submitted to GitHub, it was shockingly revealed that the total number of female crypto developers are less than 5%.

It’s 95% VS 5%

Although it was just an analysis and the result is based on calculation, but the output somehow reveals the true state of the market today.

Corin Faife, who is a Journalist recently posted on Medium saying that when various blockchain projects were examined, only 4.6% of females names showed up.

He further used some more points within his Blog to showcase the prodigious gender disparity in the crypto industry:

“I scraped data on 1,026,804 code commits across 100 projects. Of these, 691,134 were made by developers with male-identified names, and only 47,678 were made by people with female-identified names.”

“In total, GitHub users with female names account for less than 5% of the commits to the top 100 cryptocurrency projects — 4.64% to be exact.”


Well, the data is truly concerning because the study of 5,500 open source developers in the year 2017 revealed a prodigious amount of 95% contributors as Males. Now that it been two years, the result of the similar analysis being just the same is somewhat alarming.

Moreover, the Google Analytics survey reveals that men comprise a total of 91% of the Bitcoin community whereas only 9.9% is taken up by the Females.

When asked about this scenario in the market, Economics Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, Anna Drever said:

“Men are more willing to take bigger risks, and studies confirm this theory.”

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