Ardor (ARDR)

Ardor is the latest blockchain-as-a-service product released by Jelurida. Ardor was announced as the next generation of the previous released NXT software. It is an open-source, evolved version that deals with some of the problems of blockchain as a whole such as blockchain bloat, scalability, and versatility issues. A comparison between the two platforms can be found here.

Ardor is a Proof-of-Stake platform which deploys what they call “child chains” off the “main chain”. Child chains are independently-created and owned chains which offer the option to use the Ardor token, or any other token of the chain owner’s choosing. This will allow them to act as separate entities while at the same time being synced into the global Ardor main chain.

The IGNIS (the token of Ignis, the first Ardor child chain) token sale was successfully concluded in November 2017, and this was followed by the mainnet launch of the Ardor platform on January 1, 2018. The Ardor roadmap can been seen here.

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