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A stock market trader, a blogger , a cryptocurrency enthusiast ... Awareness of proper trend and Action at the correct time are the 2 most imperative tools to succeed in the crypto world. He will undoubtedly provide you with the first tool. Moreover he ensures that his readers never miss any data or news of the crypto world that might end up shifting your trade to the zenith of its glory. Cheers.

Despite being a great supporter of Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies, What is it that bothers the capital investor, Tim Draper?


Tim Draper, one of the most renowned personalities in the entire crypto market known for his incredible bullish prediction of Bitcoin of $250,000, has been some of his deepest concerns about the Ethereum’s Issuance Rate. Billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper has always been known for his enormous support for the …

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The astonishing as well as prodigious profit of 550% has clearly made Binance Coin the best performer of 2019


Well, First of all, congratulations to each and Binance Coin (BNB) stakeholder out there since this is going to be the peak of your achievement with because of its insane upliftment in its price. One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, despite witnessing enormous hardships earlier this year , didn’t …

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Ethereum Network is here for the long run thus leading the pathway for the rest of the market too, believes Jehan Chu


Ethereum, one of those rare altcoins that never fails to show its potentiality to the crypto market every year. Moreover, its hard forks and implementation of sophisticated as well as effective upgradation every year makes it one of a kind. Well speaking about the present scenario, since the start of …

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US sanctions is perhaps the prime factor that incentivized North Korea to launch the Cyberattacks involving cryptocurrencies as well, reveals the FBI


While the crypto is upgrading itself with every passing day, thus making less vulnerable to cyberattacks there are still some factors that remain terribly unchecked. This can be stated quite boldly because of the recent revelation that came from an FBI official. While speaking at a U.S thinktank called The …

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Cryptocurrency EOS is up 205% so far and this strong bullish momentum literally calls for a celebration


While the Alt Season is on its peak and enormous cryptocurrencies are showcasing their astonishingly brilliant performance so far, the market witnessed one more crypto that will perhaps double its price before the start of 2020. EOS, a blockchain based, decentralized operating system, was initially designed to support commercial-scale decentralized …

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