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Zaryab Afser

A stock market trader, a blogger , a cryptocurrency enthusiast ... Awareness of proper trend and Action at the correct time are the 2 most imperative tools to succeed in the crypto world. He will undoubtedly provide you with the first tool. Moreover he ensures that his readers never miss any data or news of the crypto world that might end up shifting your trade to the zenith of its glory. Cheers.

“32% of Americans literally have no idea What Bitcoin is”, recent crypto survey revealed


While the world is gradually shifting towards cryptocurrencies, there still resides a majority of the population that either doesn’t know much about the cryptocurrency exchanges or have the worst dilemma of whether they should initiate investing in such currencies. Since cryptocurrencies are actually becoming a reality and that too quite …

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Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: What is up with the BITCOIN CASH Prices recently?


Since the last few weeks have seen really fluctuating prices, its time to look back at what the market is upto. The Medium-term Trend in BCH/USD As far as the BCH/USD outlook is concerned, in the medium-term, it is still in a range-bound market. However, the symbols for downtrend continuation …

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Will Chinese Official Currency Renminbi (RMB) ever be a Cryptocurrency?


Since the world is witnessing a major inclination towards cryptocurrency, the whole crypto market is expanding its boundaries with every passing day. Adding to this expanding market and keeping in mind the importance of being updated with ongoing trends the executive chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute, Donald Tapscott, announced …

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