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Battle of Copyright Claims for Bitcoin(BTC) white paper doesn’t seem to end anytime soon

The present scenario of the crypto market is already witnessing the battle of copyright claims for the Bitcoin (BTC) white paper. However, the battle doesn’t seem to come to an end as once again a new data is revealed.

On 24th of May, the official the United States copyright archive data shows that a Chinese citizen who is residing in California named Wei Liu claimed copyright to bitcoin’s white paper.

As per the filing, Wei claims to have published the bitcoin white paper on 11th Jan 2008. It was published under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto with the title “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”.

However, the dilemma has already started because Copyright Registrations has also been filed by Craig Wright, earlier this month, for the same paper. The situation is a bit complex because the registrations filed by Wright contains most of the original code that used to build the actual bitcoin platform.

As per a news release on 21st May, it was stated that U.S. officials actually received a confirmation that Wright is the actual creator however because of severe criticism nothing was crystal clear.

Moreover, it is still believed that the legal validity of Wright’s copyright filings are enormously debatable. Also, Jimmy Song who is not just an Entrepreneur but also a Bitcoin core developer expressed his views by saying:

“Instead of proving that he is Satoshi, the filing shows that CSW is a publicity-seeking con-man, but we already knew that.

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