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Billionaire George Soros can make learn investors about the crypto market

People have belief that the George Soros of the crypto currency investor and the one of the crypto billionaire has entered the market with huge gain made $1 billion in his first investment so, freshers should learn from him how to earn profit.

As George might be having great ideas how to capture the market good share, its functions, with or without his participation. Those people who are not familiar with world of cryptos, for those the world of economics and finance, Soros can help them as he is known as the man who broke the “Bank of England” when he made $1 billion in one day, September 16th, 1992 (known as Black Wednesday). This was hidden quality and ability to break or make crypto currency. Relatively investor can just make future predictions of reality. There are two realities according to reflexivity: the objective and the subjective. Soros explains that the objective aspect is what takes place in external reality and the subjective aspect covers what takes place in the mind.

As, actions result in each reality and reflexivity have two or more aspects which connects each other and later will affect the investors’ perceptions. Global financial crisis of 2008 is the example of this.

Market is works only on predictions as we don’t what suddenly can happen to the market tomorrow or in future but we can accurately use the “ all the available knowledge a person have and use it in state of reality.” Soros once wrote, adding:

“Sometimes it’s quite insignificant, at other times it is quite pronounced. Every bubble has two components: an underlying trend that prevails in reality and a misconception relating to that trend.”

The feedback is very important thing as it helps us to survive better in the market it gives us idea how well we are performing and he explains that how positive feedback develops the tendency of false impression “a boom-bust process is set in motion.”

The people want feedback on crypto currency that how to apply this theory on crypto market? Most of the people gave positive view on bitcoin as price rose up high many people attracted and again the price of bitcoin rise up it brought more users.

“Ross said. “In the young and volatile crypto markets, near-religious beliefs about price appreciation with references to various intrinsic valuation models can be observed daily.”

But recently, because of fraud ICO’s company pull back many investors again from the market as ,” Brett said. “Conversely, institutional investors are keen to invest in the market, but in the absence of compliance, are remaining on the sidelines, contradicting this theory.”Nobody knows that entry if Soros into crypto market will start calling bubble for bitcoin within one month. Every thing is about to get more interesting.

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