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Binance taken over bitcoin in google trends but the last survey tells a different story

It has been sourced by numerous online news sites that bitcoin has ranked seventh in the most searched term on google USA. Initially, it was said that binance was the most searched term. However, from the latest survey in august 2019, confirmed that bitcoin maintains its consistency in being the most searched term on google trends. When Bitcoin searches compared to Binance the results were shocking.

Google trend is a tool to measure the most searched keyword on google. In the survey which has also been given a form of a graph, says that the searches on bitcoin surpass the searches on Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian as bitcoin has in its record over 100,000 searches.

Geographical locations of bitcoin include Hawaii, Nevada, California, and Washington. Bitcoin seems to be enticing people more than celebrities even. The most frequently asked questions are:

  • Why did bitcoin go up today?
  • Why is bitcoin rising?

Besides, the escalation of the bitcoin prices, people are equally concerned whenever bitcoin seems to slow down or whatever is deemed unexpected of bitcoin. However, such occasions of downfall with bitcoin are rare as bitcoin continues to surprise people with its progress and it is strongly predicted that bitcoin awaits a very bright future.

Though, bitcoin stays at the pinnacle, does not mean it exists without challenges. Binance is in competition. It has been reported that binance, world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange has also surged at a rapid rate. True that it has failed to beat bitcoin prices but chances are fat that it might take over bitcoin in the near future.

Forbes reports that traders are suspecting that the algorithms of BTC are being manipulated to accelerate the price. In the graph of google trends, BTC could be seen eclipsing the bitcoin price surges. To quote Bendik Schei, “ it is reasonable to assume that someone is behind these radical changes.”

It is true that BTC was at the top but mysteriously so. The price surge has skyrocketed unexpectedly. It is heard that VPN services have been brought to use to distribute across google. Glen Goodman, the crypto-trader has explained how algorithms could be used to move the prices of bitcoin. It is suspected that there could be hackers involved in pushing up the prices of BTC.

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