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Bitcoin SV (BSV): The present status of Cryptocurrency market is like 1996’s Internet, states Craig Wright

The Bitcoin SV and its supporters have been in the media’s spotlight unsettled to their accusations against Bitcoin ABC and its supporters, namely Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre. In a current interview, Craig “Faketoshi” Wright stated about his declaration that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, and moreover the present situation of the digital currency market.

When Wright was questioned about the basis of patenting about the idea of Bitcoin, to which he stated,

“The copyright for a patent applies even after it is given for a pseudonym. You cannot take a patent without putting your real name and address.”

The Chief Scientist at nChain also added the reasons that why does he utilize the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto,” if he really was the infamous maker of the globe’s largest cryptocurrency. He declared that many people don’t get that Bitcoin is not an unidentified system and “will not make everything a cesspit.” He further stated,

“A lot of people did not like me, and they still don’t. I had polarized a lot of people and if they had found I was Satoshi that would have been a different set of problems. I had written a paper with Dave, which was blasted by a lot of the people in the community for being invalid and nowadays people just buy the concept like it always existed.”

Wright, who is now also popularly known as Faketoshi, described why he has picked the popular pseudonym. Wright professed that he had the idea from Tomagato Nakamoto, an economist who, as per Wright, was acclaimed as Japanese Adam Smith. Further, Wright also commented on the digital currency market and industry that it is small and that people should not really care about the industry. He stated,

If the people in the cryptocurrency space were black balls and everyone else was whites balls in a sack, one would to pick at least 1000 ball. That’s how nascent the industry is right now. I can compare the currency progress of the cryptocurrency industry to the progress of the internet in 1995 or 1996. We still have a lot of work to be done.

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