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BitMex thanks Satoshi Nakamoto, Advertises on Front Page of The Times 10 Years Later

Cryptocurrency Exchange BitMax has advertised out on the front page of the 3rd January edition of the Times newspaper to thank Satoshi Nakamoto for ten years of bitcoin.

The advertisement has a block hash beneath it. This transaction within contains the coinbase that reads:

w#\/ ThanksSatoshi /BTC.COM/��mm,���CA4Z_IGQ�~YVM܈H����{�|�|###B#b)#�

The message symbolizes 10 years of bitcoin since the first bitcoin genesis block was mined on 3 January 2009.



Satoshi Nakamoto’s Deflationary Bitcoin as an answer to Fiat Money, he said  “I’m better with code than with words though,” Satoshi Nakamoto said on November 13th, 2008 while  discussing his Bitcoin whitepaper.

The first block which was mined 10 years ago received 50 BTC and has since received an additional 16 btc over time. The first mining reward is unspendable due to the code base.

While the method to celebrate the 10th birthday of Satoshi’s vision might seem rather unusual, it certainly garnered a lot of praise from the bitcoin community.

Anyway you look at it, no one could have predicted that the Bitcoin experiment would have transformed into a $50 billion market force in 10 short years.

In a later e-mail, after the blockchain was up and running, Satoshi explained:

You could say coins are issued by the majority. They are issued in a limited, predetermined amount.


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