BitShares (BTS)

BitShares was founded in 2014 by Dan Larimer, a cryptocurrency visionary and early adopter. He first started working with Bitcoin in 2009. But after some centralized exchanges started to shut down for no apparent reason, Larimer realized that a decentralized exchange is necessary. From this idea, BitShares was born.

As Larimer explained in this blog post, BitShares is, amongst other things, a software, network, ledger, community and most notably a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange. BitShares aims to remove the need to trust a centralized authority to oversee transactions and handle funds. Dan Larimer has an extremely impressive resume, and has been the lead developer on both EOS and Steem, in addition to Bitshares.

Top News

Bithumb is Losing $150,000 USD Daily to Washtrading


A broker has posted on Twitter claiming that an actor is exploiting Bithumb’s 120% fee payback to drain the stage of roughly $150,000 USD every day through washtrading. Alex Kruger, a cryptocurrency trader, took his twitter handle to post charges that Bithumb is losing generally $150,000 every day to a …

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Ready-to-Use Malware for Bitcoin ATMs Found for Sale Online


Bitcoin ATMs will gain cryptocurrencies acceptance on regular bank ATMs have long been a target for criminals but now bad actors are turning their sights. The cryptocurrency purchases are done using Near-Field Communication (NFC) or the Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) pre-written cards which are provided to buyers of the …

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Australian Watchdog to Apply Market Rules to Crypto Exchanges


As part, its corporate action plan for the year 2018-19 Australia’s primary securities regulator is focusing efforts to keep a close eye on the cryptocurrency sector, including ICOs. The ASIC is specifically launching a new project focused on the usage and prevalence of cryptocurrencies across industries. For crypto exchanges, the …

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Major Korean company to offer insurance for Hacking Damages


A major South Korean insurance company reportedly will start offering cryptocurrency exchanges insurance aimed at compensating for damages caused by hacking, according to local media. Currently, few crypto exchanges in the country are insured and hacking damages are not covered. A major insurance in Korea introduces a new insurance policy …

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Once Again BTC/USD Rejects Bulls


On Thursday Bitcoin price extended its prevailing bearish correction sentiment and dropped as much as 6.5 percent from the yesterday’s low near $6,710. The BTC/USD in the very first hours of today’s session formed lower highs and lower lows towards 6731-fiat and 6303-fiat. It very much set the sentimental course …

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