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BitTorrent ‘Project Atlas’ Integration With TRON Moving Forward

The aim is to improve the way BitTorrent works by introducing blockchain technology and tokens. BitTorrent already has reward systems in place to encourage users to share files for longer and be responsible members of the community, but TRON hopes to use tokens to further this.

TRON acquired BitTorrent in July 2018, along with its 100 million active monthly users. BitTorrent is an established peer-to-peer network with a developed and tested infrastructure, but only time will tell how well the collaboration will work.

TRON is aiming to bring blockchain and file sharing together with their latest venture, Project Atlas, which will blend blockchain technology with BitTorrent’s massive peer-to-peer infrastructure.

It’s an intriguing move, but what does it mean? Peer-to-peer file sharing has always been a popular way of exchanging information and media online, with around 27 million people using it to share or download files every day.

Still, many projects in the space are committed to making the internet a fairer and more decentralized place, where users can interact directly with one another instead of relying on centralized third parties. In this sense, it has something in common with the world of the blockchain.

Project Atlas is an attempt to fuse the two spaces, with the aim of improving how file sharing works.

The project could help encourage more responsible usage of torrenting and improve the user experience. On the other hand, torrenting has found it hard to shake off its shady reputation, and turning this around could be a challenge.

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