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Skelpy— Blockchain anonymity and portfolio certification

The blockchain is the following huge thing. The prime purpose for this is blockchain is a very adaptable technology accompanying hordes of highlights making it helpful for application in different fields. When we talk about blockchain, anonymity is the most controversial subject. However, a repudiating statement emerges from here, on the off chance that blockchain is complicatedly anonymous, how it is unquestionable.

With the evolution of blockchain technology, several problems that will arise in the digital currency space still awaiting dedicated solution.

The fact that remains constant is blockchain technology always meets up with cryptocurrency. It is the fundamental technology of these crypto currencies, and one of the key attributes of digital currencies is that it enables the clients to perform anonymous transactions.

Anonymity is imperative- when it comes to cryptocurrency transactions then maintaining confidentiality becomes imperative. This is to guarantee the security of transactions, which is generally impractical in the current system of fund transactions. While with this feature many concerns raised about its usage, it’s absolutely true that blockchain anonymity will also bring in many illegal transactions as it becomes hard to find the sender, probably due to continuously changing addresses.

While anonymity remains a very prominent feature when it comes to cryptocurrency trading then why would one need to certify his account to carry out activities? The reason behind widespread adaptability of bitcoin is tax saving! With the rollout of certified emails, people moved from non-certified emails to certified emails but they can still use non-certified email.

Skelpy a certified decentralized blockchain which intends to provide its users with certification service for their portfolios, which they can use in anonymous manner. Skelpy is a transparent blockchain allowing its users to create a certified digital identity. The software recognition allows the recognition and certification of digital portfolios in skelpy circuit, which can help in identifying the subject involved in particular transaction, only if the owner of portfolio allows its visibility.

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