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Is BITCOIN the slowest one in the First Quarter of 2019?

While 2019 emerged as a year full of optimism for the crypto traders as it quite successfully recorded its first quarterly increase in the overall network valuations, there are other ugly phenomenons of the crypto market too that one had to witness this year.

Quite surprisingly it was noted that the currency that is still the least significant price gainer is no other than Bitcoin itself. If we observe its Q1 increase this year, it is no more than just 10%. This simply means that Bitcoin turns out to be the least contributor in this market’s recent growth whereas the majority of the part in this growth was played by several other cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, if we look through the exact data, Messari reveals that there are more than 118 cryptos that ended up increasing more in price on a year-to-date basis than Bitcoin.


Now the quite obvious question that arises at this point of time us that if bitcoin is not the best performer in the first quarter of 2019, then what are the other cryptos that performed well?

As far as the best performances in terms of asset size is concerned:

Ravencoin (RVN) played a major role in the first quarter of this year by showcasing near about 386% increase in Q1. Moreover, the majority of the achievement by RVN was made in the month of March only when its price jumped form monthly open of $0.013 to its close of $0.061.

The small-cap segment witnessed one better performer namely, Pchain(PAI). This proved to one of that rare strongest performer as it ended up recording a Q1 price increase of almost 781%.

Binance Coin(BNB), the price of which almost tripled during that period


Although Bitcoin failed to be the strongest performer in the first quarter of this year, however, it has still got a ray of hope as the majority of the traders still believe in it.

According to the recent Twitter poll, it was found that almost 47% of the traders firmly believes that Bitcoin will be closest to $15,000 which means they are expecting an increase of at least 275% in less than 14 months.

This however shows the ray of hope still left in Bitcoin.

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