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By 2023, Owning 5% global market share bitcoin will worth $250000, predicts Tim Draper

Since the evolution of the crypto market, the capabilities, as well as potentialities of Bitcoin, has either been glorified or vilified. However, the coin never failed to prove its worth to the crypto market.

One of the most renowned VC investor Tim Draper, during his interview on 10th of May, quite boldly stated that he firmly believes that By 2023, Bitcoin will undoubtedly manage to grab a 5% market share of the entire world. Tim, who has now become a stalwart Bitcoin advocate states that the Bitcoin being the largest cryptocurrency would enormously continue to gain dramatically at price.

Adding to his opinions he also told:

“It’s going to keep going because, I’m a believer than in four years, something like that, bitcoin will be about a 5% market share of the Earth. Its a better currency, it’s decentralized, open — it’s transparent; everybody knows what happens on the blockchain.”

Well now comparing the present scenario of Bitcoin with the optimistic predictions of Draper, it can be seen that Draper might end up being true.

This is so because as per the Cointelegraph report, Bitcoin’s 2019 bull run still continues to be quite strong this week. It is standing strong with BTC/USD which has already passed the $6000 threshold. And for the record, this is actually the highest peak since November 2018.

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