The cryptocurrencies you list in your wallet will be converted into Bytus tokens to enable you to make transactions with the sellers on the Bytus network. Utilize a large number of tokens at the junction of different currencies sending and receiving funds Payment for goods and services contactless and via QR-code. Once a token has been used, it gets frozen for 24 hrs before another transaction can be made through it.

The more tokens you have the more transactions you will be able to make on the network in a specified time interval. It indicates the channel size and acts as a fuel for the transactions you will make on our network. The Bytus token is the key behind the Global Digital Payment Bytus project. Global Digital Payment charges a rate of 3% per annum on the token balance in your wallet.

These frozen tokens can be brought back to the main account with ease through an agreement between the buyer and seller. More than 15000 retailers across the globe now accept Bytus token. Speed, usability, and security – Bytus bring to the table all the elements that have removed all barriers from switching to crypto as a mode of payment. It is the unit of account through which the Bytus ecosystem will work.

Bytus Rating from ICO Listing Platforms

Since these days the Bytus token got a good hype in the market, got a viable, excellent and good rating from top rating sites like,

Top Experts –  8.44/10 which is a smart remark.

Track ICO – 5/10

ICOBench – 4/8

ICOBirds – 8/8 – 3.9/7.8

ICOMarks – 7.7/7.7

The project has got an excellent rating from all listed sites.

Bytus Upcoming Pre- Sale

The upcoming pre-sale is starting on 5th May 2019 and will end on 5th June 2019.




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