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Cardano ADA Growing Strong and Aiming to be Part of “$0.10” Club

Cardano, a digital cryptocurrency network had its initial release set in 2015 but was launched in September and 2017. Being somewhat new crypto in the market, it has been seeing a price rise which will set up hopes for launching it into the mainstream.

Cardano’s Strong Comeback from Instability

Cardano, a Blockchain platform which predominantly uses the Haskell Programming language for networking, had a mediocre start to this year. Analysis by Smartereum, a Crypto news website, predictions of a bullish rise was made but there weren’t any results. Just when the investors started losing hope, the prices of ADA, the currency unit of Cardano, shot by as much as 20%. Currently, it stands at approximately US $0.08 and an impressive market cap of $2 billion.

Cardano was launched by Blockchain Development Output Hong Kong, which displays its Chinese roots. It is considered as a major player in the Crypto market which is shown by its trading access on both Binance and Bittrex.

Price Predictions for ADA

While its growth now has flatlined and is tanking a little bit going down in price, it is expected to go up in the future. The current predicament is that if it reaches $0.09 before the rest of the market catches to the growth levels of Cardano, then the price going up to $0.100 is inevitable. The 24-hour volume was also estimated at $88 million.

Also, Cardano is taking the right steps in doing so by deploying greater accessibility to its digital wallet called Daedalus. This wallet is praised by Crypto Pundits for easier access than others. Also, the wallet is secure which helps the users to transact more frequently.

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