Kraken trading pairs

Kraken did most significant ever expansion of trading pairs

Kraken crypto exchange has listed fourteen new assets against GBP and AUD The addition of the trading pairs can help the users of the...
Australian Bitcoin

Aussies adopting crypto

Cryptocurrency awareness and adoption continue to increase in Australia as 20%More than 91% of Australian people are aware of cryptocurrency In the next 12 months...
Bitcoin survey

A survey revealed the gaps in crypto investment awareness in Australia

Independent Reserve has conducted a survey to reveal the gaps in digital currency investment awareness in Australia More than 1100 Australians responded to the...
Australian Bitcoin

Despite the surge, Australian fund managers are driving clear of Bitcoin

Though Bitcoin with soaring price has attracted several fund managers, Australian fund managers are still skepticalSeveral Australian investors are concerned with the real store...
Bitconnect Ponzi scheme

ASIC Announces 7 Year Ban on BitConnect’s John Bigatton

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has announced a ban on BitConnect representative John Louis Anthony Bigatton from delivering any kind of financial services...
BAND on coinbase

Australian Banks and Companies Collaborate to Digitize Bank Guarantees

Three out of the 'big four' Australian banks confirmed their collaboration on creating a new company that will be aimed at digitizing bank guarantees.It...
Australia digital payments

Australians Prefer Digital Payment and Horde Cash to Fight Against COVID-19

Aussies are opting for digital mode contradicts Australia’s Reserve Bank’s report (RBA) claims that the demand for cash has increased by AUD $11 billion...
Ripple Faces Another Class Action Lawsuit Claiming XRP as an Unregistered Security liquidity XRP

Australian Woman Behind $300,000 Worth XRP tokens Theft Sentenced to 2 Years of Jail

Women committed this crime with the help of an associate where they stole more than $300,000 in fiat value in the form of...

Crypto Investors And Traders Under The Scanner Of The Australian Taxation Office

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is targeting all of the crypto investors and traders in Australia. Cryptocurrency, according to the Australian Government and the ATO, is...

Australian Home Affair Minister Warns Terrorist Financiers Exploiting Crypto

Australian Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton commented that cryptocurrencies are being exploited by terrorists for funding and their lethal intentions. He claims that the...

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