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Bitcoin is the first-ever Cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin initially proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto on October 31, 2008, through a whitepaper that described how it would work. Later on, January 3, 2009, Bitcoin first appeared. The identity of bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto is still a mystery for the world. The king of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is often used interchangeably for the term ‘cryptocurrency’ itself. The main purpose of Bitcoin’s development was to provide a p2p (peer to peer) digital currency using which one can send payments without the involvement of any third party.

Over the last year, Bitcoin’s price had risen rapidly. At the start of the year 2017, one bitcoin was worth about $997. However, by the end of the year 2017, the price briefly went near to $19000 which is more like a reflection of its rising popularity. Bitcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency, which requires no mediator, or intermediaries while transferring money from user to user or peer to peer through a process known as mining.

The world of Cryptocurrency majorly revolves around bitcoin and all the major updates and bitcoin news create an impact on the price of bitcoin and another cryptocurrency. we constantly work to bring the latest bitcoin news and updates to our readers.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty recorded the highest jump of over 9%

Despite stopping and excluding mining activities in many major countries, neither competition among miners nor difficulty seems to minimize.Recent Bitcoin…

25 mins ago

Georgian Citizens made to swear oath to stop mining cryptocurrencies

Residents of Svaneti in Georgia were seen crowding at a church to take oath against mining of cryptocurrencies  This comes as…

2 hours ago

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Experiment is an experiment of failure

On El Salvador's bitcoin experiment, the reactions are mixed: some hail it as the greatest progressive step in history toward…

7 hours ago

Kosovo Bitcoin Miners Selling Equipment After Government Ban

Excavators in northern Kosovo profited from modest powerCrackdown follows power cuts influencing a large number of individualsA similar story has…

10 hours ago

In states of extreme fear, Bitcoin’s “Buy the dip” crowd shrivels

“Buy the dip” slogan fades away as the majority of investors have either already bought the dip or left the…

21 hours ago

GBTC sinks more than 18% since the start of 2022

GBTC hasn’t kicked off the year to a great start as the trust has lost 17% of its value since…

21 hours ago

Bitcoin vault converted by Swiss ‘Unicorn’ banking app

Bitcoin vault converted by Numbrs which is a rare Swiss FinTech unicornTwo million user applications have been deactivated by the…

1 day ago

Bitcoin ATMs come to a halt in Singapore

Bitcoin ATMs have come to a grinding halt in Singapore due to a regulatory crackdown Similar advertising restrictions were in place…

1 day ago

Eternal oath of Georgia citizen to stop crypto mining

Residents of Svaneti, Georgia, have reportedly been forced to take a holy swear not to mine cryptocurrencies in order to…

1 day ago

Is Intel on its way to making Bitcoin Mining energy efficient?

In February, the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) is going to be organizedDuring the conference, Intel plans to present its…

1 day ago