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whale alert

2,450 Bitcoin whales are willing to hold their BTC funds

Number of Bitcoin whales are snowballing since the last monthBTC whales are expecting the token to surge in the longer time frameSuch whales are...
MTI wind-up

MTI a Bitcoin trading firm is now winding-up its business

MTI has defrauded nearly 28,000 investors making $644 million of personal gains The investment firm is granted a provision for winding-up it's business operations...
Bitcoin whale

Whales have put upward pressure on the price of Bitcoin

Crypto wallets holding a minimum of 1000 Bitcoin held by single networks have increased to create a new ATHThe crypto community is experiencing a...
Bitcoin user data breached

A massive data breach exposed the weakness of the Bitcoin community

It is now revealed that June's data breach of Ledger consisted of information of more than 2,70,000 users Scammers published the breached data on...

Bitcoin addresses with a minimum of 1 BTC are increasing year-over-year

Since Bitcoin was first established, every year, the number of Bitcoin addresses holding a minimum of 1 BTC is increasingWholecoiners represent around $301 billion...
BRD Wallet

Zurich Based Crypto Wallet Company BRD Reaches 6 Million Users

Zurich-based mobile cryptocurrency wallet BRD announced on October 6 that their userbase had reached 6 millionBRD took over four years to reach its first...
Bitcoin BTC

Asia to Lead in Digital Payments Growth, Especially BTC

In the past two years,  e-wallet users have increased to a gigantic number of 2.1 billion from 500 million.According to the report, nearly 35%...

Zengo Discovers A Harmful Vulnerability In Major Bitcoin Wallets

ZenGo has recently perceived a vulnerability known as 'BigSpender' in some of the most used cryptocurrency wallets such as Ledger, BRD and Edge. ...
liquidnet blockstream 2

Blockstream’s Liquid Network Faces Bug Issues; Millions of Bitcoin Jeopardized

The Liquid Network, a side-chain settlement net for faster Bitcoin transactions, faced a bug issue made public by developer James Prestwich. Approximately, $16...
Anthony Sassano : Why Bitcoiners Have Removed ⚡ Emoji From Their Twitter Name? Bitcoin Lightning

Researchers Warn Loss of Bitcoin During Lighting Network attack

New researchers are of the opinion that Lightning Network can expose financial information related to Bitcoin transactions which were right to be anonymous. ...
Anthony Scaramucci Is Optimist about the Potential of Early Adopter Of Bitcoin lightning

Electrum 4.0 With Support for Bitcoin Lightning Network Available For Beta Testing

The eagerly awaited feature of the Bitcoin Lightning Network announced in October 2019. The Electrum 4.0 has a beta version with support for...
U.S. Attorney Office Charges 3 People For Roles In Twitter Hack That Hit High-Profile Users

Overnight Twitter Sensation Eric Savics And His Mysterious Disappearance

Eric Savics became an overnight twitter sensation when he put up a heartfelt video on his loss of Bitcoin over a malicious scam. ...
Kraken Trezor

Wasabi Users Advised To Hold Off Their Update If They Use Trezor Wallets

There's a bug in the latest upgrade of Wasabi, and if Trezor users upgrade it, they could temporarily lose access over their Bitcoin. ...
Protect Wallet From Virtual Digital Wallet Scams

Top Bitcoin Storage Mistakes To Avoid in 2020

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies which stands as an alternative to fiat currencies. The careless errors on the part of...
liquidnet blockstream 2

Bitcoin Wallet Blockstream Green Is Now Available On Desktop

A leading Bitcoin wallet, Blockstream Green announced today that it is now exclusively available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. By holding Bitcoins in...
How To Buy Bitcoin

How To Buy Bitcoin: Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Highlights Getting proper information and knowledge about how to buy and keep Bitcoin is necessary to make the right investments. Bitcoin prices fluctuate to...
bitcoin halving 1

Know About Latest Trend Of Halving Period Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Halving event come with a lot of challenges too. These challenges mostly affect the miners, they either change their approach or quit...

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