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Cryptocurrency Scam: Indian Bank Manager arrested, runs crypto scam with fake digital coin


These days, Cryptocurrency is the most fascinating thing among most of the billionaires that leaves them becoming a crypto enthusiast. But the enthusiasm got too much for one of the bank manager in India. According to the reports of Business Standard, the manager of the private bank of India, Standard …

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Prime Factor Capital being the first Crypto hedge fund to be approved under UK regulations


According to the Bloomberg reports, the first crypto hedge fund that has been approved as the full scope alternative investment fund manager by the Financial Conduct Authority was none other than Prime Factor Capital. Although it has been approved by the UK supervisory body, the firm will abide according to …

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Huge Capital outflows from major crypto exchanges in the past 5 days


TokenAnalyst, a leading provider of real-time and historical blockchain data has estimated that the capital outflow from major crypto exchanges amounts to around $622 million in the past five days itself. The crypto exchanges that it mentions include big names like Bitfinex, BitMEX, Binance, and Kraken. We earlier have reported …

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